5 Artificial Intelligence Trends for Business Improvement

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If you’re a little bit spooked by artificial intelligence because you’ve seen one too many movies where toasters come alive and take over the home, look away now. Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and it’s not all about crazed washing machines chasing you around the living room. Rather, AI is an incredible technology that’s changing the face of how we live today. The scope for business improvement as a result of AI is also staggering.

Here’s a quick look at 5 artificial intelligence trends set to enhance business now and into the future.

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Intelligent process automation

Many businesses are already using robotic process automation (RPA) to handle mundane tasks. While still reasonably new technology in itself, RPA is set to become obsolete in years to come, but not before a crossover period. AI is coming into the mix, pairing with RPA to create more opportunities for automation. Welcome to Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

The evolution of conversational AI

Chatbot development is already huge in the tech world. Businesses all want chatbots to help improve customer service, deliver consistent messages and interact with customers where human involvement can be avoided. Natural language processing (NLP) will further improve with AI and machine learning, making chatbots even more effective in having ‘real’ conversations.

Business improvement with AI monitoring

Business process improvement is one thing, but it often needs to be checked and monitored. Automation makes things faster, but it’s essential to make sure everything is still accurate. As technology advances, artificial intelligence will play a role in monitoring process automation so you don’t have to.

Artificial intelligence for cybersecurity

The beauty of cloud technology is how accessible data can be. Now, the downside of cloud technology is, well, how accessible data can be. Unfortunately, as technology improves, so does the skills of hackers and other nefarious creatures trying to steal your data. AI already does, and will continue to provide enhanced cybersecurity for businesses.

Humans and AI working together

Humans and robots together? Surely not! Well, you’d better believe it. Not necessarily robots in the way we imagine them, but humans will work more closely with AI for business improvement. It’s already happening with digital assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. In coming years, expect to see AI being able to collaborate with humans effectively. For example, a chatbot can recognise when human intervention is needed and hand off to a live operator.

And just for fun…

If you spend a bit of time browsing YouTube and social media, you may have seen something called ‘deepfakes’. Using a mix of AI and other digital technology, people have created videos featuring alternative celebrities in different roles. Bill Hader as The Terminator, Jim Carrey in the Shining. There are plenty out there, and while they’re just for fun, the results are pretty impressive. Will 2021 be the year that AI resurrects long-deceased celebrities onto the silver screen? The possibilities are endless!

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5 Artificial Intelligence Trends for Business Improvement

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