5 Features that Salesforce Implementation Companies Love

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If you’re already using Salesforce, you’ll know it’s a great customer relationship management (CRM) system. However, depending how far you’ve explored the product, there are a few features you might not be aware of.

There’s a lot of reasons Salesforce implementation companies in Australia love working with this product. It’s sleek, intuitive, easy to use, and more importantly it’s powerful. Here are some of the main reasons we love recommending Salesforce, as well as some hidden features you might not be aware of.

Salesforce Implementation Companies Love Mobile Functionality

Do you consider your business to be dynamic? Part of being a responsive, dynamic business in the modern world is being available for customers. So, if you have a CRM that doesn’t make it easy for you to connect with customers, it’s time to consider Salesforce.

Salesforce has its own mobile app, which means you never have to miss a lead or keep a customer waiting. You can be alerted to hot leads and opportunities, and action them from your mobile wherever you are.

Dashboards Make Data Easy

While Salesforce has a huge number of features, the use of customisable dashboards is one of the best. As one of Australia’s leading Salesforce implementation companies, we love helping our customers use Salesforce dashboards. Why? Because it makes data management so much easier.

If you’re commonly looking for similar reports, you can customise your dashboard so you can access the right information at the click of a button. Salesforce stores a lot of data, and with a lot of data comes the problem of understanding it all. But these dashboards make it easy to get the information you need. You can even choose how you want your reports displayed, with a range of graph and chart styles to choose from.


Nope, Chatter isn’t a social media platform, and it’s not an instant messaging service. Rather, it’s like a modernised version of an online forum. A place where staff and key stakeholders can engage in discussion on subjects that matter.

Chatter isn’t likely to be something you build into your everyday schedule, however it’s a great extra tool. You can stay connected, seek answers to problems, and help colleagues with their questions.

Transfer Data Between Companies

One of the best Salesforce features you may not know about is the ability to transfer data between companies. It’s not unusual for Salesforce implementation companies like us to set up new systems for clients who already have a successful business. When this situation comes up, the Salesforce to Salesforce transfer feature is hugely beneficial. You can move customer contacts, leads and even customer history over to your new business, instantly giving you access to a huge customer-base.

Auto-Response Rules

Acknowledging customer communications is made easy with Salesforce. Simply set up your rules for auto-responses, and improve customer service dramatically. You can customise your templates too, so customers aren’t getting the same generic responses every time. Let customers know their requests have been received, and you’re looking into them.

Looking for the Best Salesforce Implementation Companies?

Human Pixel are here to help with CRM consulting and development, as well as CRM software integration. Salesforce is just one of our specialities, so if you’d like to chat about your needs, contact us today!

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5 Features that Salesforce Implementation Companies Love

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