5 Great Apps for Magento eCommerce Websites

Magento ecommerce websites

So, you’ve become a master of Magento ecommerce websites, but you fee like your site is lacking a little flair? Never fear, there’s heaps and heaps of plugins (known as apps in the Magento universe) to help take your site to the next level. From gathering analytics to improving accessibility, there’s nothing you can’t do. Ok, there’s no magic app to triple your sales…but these nifty plugins can certainly point you in that direction.

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Magento Language Translator

So, you want to be the next Jeff Bezos and run the biggest global online store in the world? Well, you can’t do that without being able to sell your products in overseas markets. One of the difficulties, of course, is catering to non-English speaking countries. Well, one add-on for Magento e-commerce websites you can’t live without is the Language Translator.

Easily translate your product descriptions and site information to other languages, and watch your market expand. Tools like this are so great, because they make your website and products so much more accessible.

SEO Hub for Magento eCommerce websites

Whether you’re running plain old sites or Magento eCommerce websites, you’ll probably know that SEO is important. You want your site ranking well on the big search engines like Google, but how do you do that? SEO Hub for Magento is one way to improve your website’s SEO and climb up those Google rankings.

SEO doesn’t have to be difficult, because SEO Hub helps you with meta tags, headings and even generates a sitemap automatically, which is something Google loves.

Magewares Abandoned Cart Email

Abandoned shopping carts. How annoying are they? Probably more so if you’re working in a supermarket and have to deal with real ones, but even on websites it’s pretty frustrating. You’ve attracted traffic to your site, you’ve convinced them to buy your products, and then wham. Something goes wrong.

We may never know why people abandon their carts, unless of course we ask them. Magewares has come up with a great tool that automatically sends an email to customers who leave the site just before clicking that final ‘Buy’ button. Sometimes a simple reminder is all a customer needs to come back and finalise that purchase.

Tawk.to Live Chat

One of the most popular things in website development these days is Live Chat. Customers want answers immediately, they want to connect with you, but they often prefer to do it online. Thanks to Tawk.to Live Chat, customers will be able to get in contact with you at all times of day or night. You may want some help managing that, because 3am chat requests are never fun.

But it certainly gives you more opportunities to connect with customers, solve their problems, and nurture them towards a sale. This app even works on mobile, so you can answer queries wherever you are.

Zoho CRM for Magento eCommerce websites

One of the world’s most popular CRMs is Zoho, and it’s easy to add to your Magento eCommerce websites. It works seamlessly with Magento as a native app, and links to your main Zoho system easily. Boost your customer service and manage customer relationships easily with the Zoho extension for Magento.

If you love these plugins, just dive into the Magento store, because there’s hundreds more that might be perfect for your website!

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5 Great Apps for Magento eCommerce Websites

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