5 Reasons to Use CRM Systems

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If you want to keep up with your competitors, you need every advantage possible. One of those advantages is implementing CRM systems to help grow your business. CRM systems deliver improved customer service, sales automation, collaboration, scalability and excellent remote working tools. Let’s look at how a CRM can transform your business.

Improved customer service

There is a common misconception that CRM systems are all about automated email marketing and lead generation. While they do help with those things, they’re also great for customer service. A CRM is a place to keep all of your important customer data together. So, when customers call for help, your sales team can access order history, previous communication notes and much more. It creates a much better experience for your customers, which naturally leads to improved loyalty and more sales.

Sales automation

CRM systems such as Zoho One, Salesforce, HubSpot and SuiteCRM to name a few, are all great for automating your sales process. Firstly, there are plenty of tools to help with marketing, such as analytics and email automation. Secondly, you can build in comprehensive workflows to help your sales team move customers through the sales funnel. This prevents leads falling through the cracks, and you can even prioritise leads based on any metric you choose.

When it comes to sales automation, CRMs are the ultimate business process improvement tool. Those clunky processes you had before? Forget about them. With a CRM, you can get it right every time.

Collaboration tools

Most CRMs have add-on functions to go with the core system. You’ll find built-in features for messaging and chat, which make it easy for teams to discuss projects and even specific leads. You can create chat channels relevant to every project you’ve got running. Also, you can integrate your calendars too, making it easy for staff to follow up on all their tasks.

In addition, you can access other collaboration tools which make running projects a breeze. Collaborate on documents in real-time, open a quick video chat to discuss issues – the list is almost endless.

CRM systems offer scalability

If a CRM works as it should, then hopefully you’ll experience some business growth. Rather than panic about having outdated technology, you’ve got peace of mind with CRM systems in place. Most of the quality CRMs on the market are very scalable, meaning you can add users and even new features as your business grows. Scalability is a huge thing for all business systems, and it’s one of the main reasons CRMs are so practical.

CRM systems make remote work easy

Since Covid-19 came along, the business landscape has changed. People are working from home, and a lot of them love it. If you’re thinking about making work-from-home arrangements part of your status quo, your staff need to the right tools. CRM systems are usually cloud-based, meaning they can be accessed from anywhere. So, your staff will be able to service customers, track sales, monitor leads and work on projects with ease. Even if they’re sitting on the couch!

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5 Reasons to Use CRM Systems

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