Curious what API integration is? Allow us to indulge you. In a nutshell, Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows two systems or programs to communicate and work together. And it is able to do this through integration or by creating a link between the systems. Imagine receiving a letter from a friend via post. The postman picks it up and delivers it to you. Your friend is Software A, you’re Software B and the postman is the API. So, you can say API is the messenger of programs.

Here at Human Pixel, we specialise in doing API integrations of ANY kind. Whether you have different systems that you need to work together or want to integrate some applications into your software or website, we’re your team. In addition, we can also create new ones with integrations built in if that’s what you require.




Our API integration brings great benefits to a business. To start, it helps an Organisation grow and stay competitive. How? It creates new processes which translate to new offerings to customers. An example of this is the Australia Post Digital ID Integration. With it, you’ll be able to provide customers with an easy and convenient way of verifying their identity right within your website or app without them needing to upload their documents. You’ll also be able to meet your legislative obligations as the integration lets you cross-check a person’s identity with Australia Post’s Postal Network and proprietary data sources.


You can also get tasks done quicker and more efficiently through API integration. Automate tasks and save time & money on your operations in whatever area of your business. For instance, you can seamlessly create invoices on the fly from orders on your website through Xero integration. And when linked with your CRM system like Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot or SuiteCRM, you can easily see real-time invoice history of your contacts.


API integration also plays a huge role in improving productivity by providing access to useful and ample information. Take the case of a shuttle service company. Through TransLoc integration, not only do customers know their trip schedules and routes but the company itself can make updates in real-time assured that customers are quickly informed. This also allows the Organisation to make critical decisions regarding their services based on the information gathered without disrupting operations.


And through the new processes that an API integration creates, you’ll also be able to increase potential sales. To cite an example, integrating a software like PayPal or Stripe into your eCommerce website or app allows automated payment processing. Customers just need to initiate the payment with a few clicks and the rest is done by the software.

Another way for API integration to help increase profit is by creating a link to specialised search platforms like Kayak. By integrating Kayak, potential customers are able to make buying decisions on their travel needs quicker. They can search for flights, hotel bookings and car hirings and get the results right within the app or website.

API integration really does wonders for any business. But to make sure you get the most out of it, you must have the right team. And you need not look further. Human Pixel is specialised to meet any integration needs you may have.


Our API integration process is designed to be detailed, quick and secure. We begin by talking to our clients—to you to have a deep understanding of your needs. We then look at factors to consider from the type of API required to the data amount concerned. And then armed with all the necessary information and proper documentation, we present our plan and recommendation. Afterwards, we proceed with implementation with your approval.


When we work with you on your API Integration needs, you can expect dedicated customer service. Our Clutch 2019 Leader Awards are a testimony to this. Having been awarded as one of the Australian Top Developers and Top IT Services Firms among others, we are both challenged and inspired to continue to deliver and improve. As part of this, we offer Lifetime Warranty on all of our API Integration services, making sure we are with you even after we’re done with a project.

Need your systems to work together or looking for other ways to maximise your business? API integration is the key! Just click the button below to talk to one of our specialists.