Identity verification is integral to create a safe online environment. Why? A verified identity ensures that a person is who they claim to be. This is the very reason why different businesses implement it. Unfortunately, consumers may find it time-consuming to keep on uploading and reuploading ID documents. Some may also be hesitant for fear of identity theft. This, in turn, affects the revenue of a business as customers choose to turn away and not follow through. This is where the Australia Post Digital ID comes in.

The Digital ID removes the hassle of repeatedly uploading documents. More importantly, it provides the security your customers need when doing identity verification. So if you’d like to implement it for your business, we at Human Pixel will be more than happy to help you make it happen through our Digital ID Integration service.



The Australia Post Digital ID platform is the solution to the repetitive process of uploading documents to prove one’s identity. Users only need to provide their documents once and after the system verifies their identity, they won’t have to do it again. And on that, the Digital ID does not store the documents so the threat of identity theft is eliminated. 

When you use the platform for your business, it means potential customers won’t have to go through the same process when making a purchase. All they have to do is select Digital ID verification, log in and select the applicable verified ID. 


To further ensure that the platform provides convenience not only to customers but also businesses, it offers three specific identity verification products to cater to particular needs of an Organisation: Document, Biometric and In Person verification.

Document verification allows you to confirm a customer’s name and date of birth by checking one or multiple identity documents. Biometric lets you do the same along with a biometric facial recognition feature. And In Person gives you the option to identify customers in person across participating Post Offices.

Other than these products, the Digital ID also provides Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions. Particularly, AML/KYC verification, Watchlist screening and Ongoing customer due diligence. Through these, you’ll be able to verify and re-verify identity as needed. Moreover, you’ll be able to identify Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) or their associates, along with sanctioned or other high-risk individuals. 


Now that you know what benefits Digital ID Integration can bring to your business, it’s time to implement it. And this is where we come in. Whether you would like to integrate it to your website or software application or create an app with the Digital ID integrated, we can do it for you.

To start, we will sit down with you to ask about your requirements and your business. Doing this allows us to have a deep understanding of your needs. Then from the information gathered, we will evaluate how best Digital ID can work for you and come up with a plan. It will detail the steps and time involved in doing the integration and any development, if needed.

The entire process including testing up to delivery will be done in a time-efficient manner to make sure there is no loss to your business. Our team will also be in constant communication with you to keep you updated. In case you have any questions or concerns, our support desk will be ready to assist you anytime.

As with our other services, we also provide Lifetime Warranty on our Australia Post Digital ID Integration service. This means we’ll be with you even after we’re done.

Want to know more or think it’s time to implement Digital ID for your business? We’ve got you. Just click the link below to talk to one of our specialists!


Australia Post Digital ID Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Australia Post Digital ID Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Australia Post Digital ID Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Australia Post Digital ID Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Australia Post Digital ID Integration Sydney & Melbourne