Dropbox is the ultimate tool in helping your business work smarter. All of your team’s work and content comes together in one place with Dropbox.

At Human Pixel, we understand why so many businesses use Dropbox. It’s a widely popular business reason because it’s easy, secure and convenient. More than just a cloud storage system, Dropbox helps you organise the tasks that matter most, and stay in sync with the rest of your team.



There’s plenty of reasons businesses all over the world are using Dropbox integration specialists to make their lives easier.

Store and access files from anywhere: You can securely store files and documents with Dropbox, and access them from any computer, phone or tablet. Wherever you are!

Organise files easily: Don’t waste time switching between apps looking for files. With Dropbox integration, you can keep everything in one place.

Smart content: Dropbox’s smart content suggestions help you navigate easily to the files you need based on your activity. It can even suggest content for meetings with smart calendar integration. also starred favourites give you easy access to important files.

Integration friendly: When you work with a Dropbox integration specialist in Sydney & Melbourne, you can connect a huge range of business tools. From CRM integration to online meeting tools, access your files from any program with Dropbox integration.


At Human Pixel, we always start with researching your individual needs. This means analysing your current tools and software to find the very best solutions. This way, we can better understand the way you work and develop a clear integration plan.

With Dropbox integration, we build custom links to your other systems and programs and bring them together. You will no longer be jumping between programs to find files. Access everything from your current systems, with Dropbox fully integrated.

Testing is also a key part of what we do. You’re not just left to your own devices, because at Human Pixel we’re with you the whole way. Our testing processes are thorough, ensuring all of your systems are working seamlessly with Dropbox.

You’ll also have access to support through our dedicated support desk, even when integration is fully tested and complete. So, ask yourself – can you afford to keep going without custom Dropbox integration?

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dropbox specialist
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