Travel is arguably one of the most profitable industries in the world. It has raked in trillions of dollars in sales. And due to this, the competition is also tight. With deals and offerings left and right, businesses continue to think of ways to stand out. And if we’re talking technology-wise, integration is one of the best ways to stay competitive in the business.

Integration means connecting two systems through an API. Doing so automates tasks and streamlines processes which can translate to new features for customers. And among the many travel API integrations we do here at Human Pixel, Kayak Integration offers some of the best benefits.



Through Kayak Integration, you get access to the world’s leading travel search engine, Kayak. Results are also displayed right within your website or software application. Thus, making it easier for customers to make buying decisions. Say you’re running a car hiring service. You have web visitors planning to book but they’re also looking for a hotel. Instead of opening another tab, they can search right within your website or app. So, the chance of closing the sale is assured and made quicker. And it’s worthy to note that through Kayak Integration, data is updated by the second. All results are live from flight prices to hotel bookings to car hiring services.

And if you’re a travel agency, this means you can also plan your marketing better with easy access to rates and schedules. Your customers can also make bookings right within your website or app. The profit goes to your company and not a third-party site. And to further help you close more sales, we suggest integrating Paypal or Stripe to make the payment process much more convenient for you and your customers.


If you’re already decided and want to use Kayak for your business, we can make it happen for you through our Kayak Integration service. Whether you want to integrate it to your existing website or software application or want to develop a new one with Kayak already in it, we can do it for you.

We begin the process through a Discovery Session. It involves asking all the necessary questions to get a deep knowledge about your needs as an Organisation. Afterwards, we will assess how you can best maximise the integration. From there, we will present our recommendation along with a plan for your approval. It will detail the steps and time involved to complete the integration. It will also mention any customisations, if needed.

Once we have your go signal, we will start working on the integration. All data involved will be handled securely. We will set up custom links as needed. We will be in constant communication with you throughout the entire process.

In case you have to modify a feature or function during development, don’t worry. We will make sure your needs are met and make the necessary changes. And if you have other web or software applications that you’re looking to integrate, we also do ANY kind of API integration to make all your systems work seamlessly together.


And as we strive to help our clients as best as we can, our Support Desk is ready to assist with any concerns anytime. In addition to that, we also offer Lifetime Warranty on all of our API integration services. Making sure we’re with you even after the project is done.

Want to discuss Kayak Integration further? Sure! Just hit the button below to talk to one of our specialists.

Kayak Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Kayak Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Kayak Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Kayak Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Kayak Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Kayak Integration Sydney & Melbourne