Voice First Development is a new technology which is on the tip of our customers tongues. And its taking the technology landscape by storm. The world is quickly becoming one where we interact with our devices using only our voice.

Human Pixel specialise in Google Home and Alexa Echo Development. Open the door to your customers interacting with your brand using existing voice first devices such as the Google Home or Alexa Echo devices.

We can help to revolutionise your brand by giving your customers ease of access to information. From customer service via their voice first devices, smart device interactivity, IoT (Internet of Things) integration and a self-learning framework allowing your app or integration to improve over time.

Our award-winning Artificial Intelligence platform, “Otto”, has the power of hands-free interaction. Specifically, it can provide your customers with a myriad of services using voice first development.

33 million Voice first devices and growing

Imagine a world where customers interact with your brand without touching your website, telephone or even messaging apps. This opens up a new world to expand your market footprint to the increasing number of voice first device users, currently at over 33 million worldwide (Feb 2018).

This represents a huge number of potential users for a first moving company in your industry. Certainly, just think of an application for voice first development on Google Home, Alexa Echo or other voice first devices, we can help you plan it and get it to market as quick as you can say “OK, Google”.

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