Beaumaris Secondary College Website Goes Live

Beaumaris Secondary College

This week, Human Pixel were proud to launch a totally revamped website for Beaumaris Secondary College in Victoria. As a website development company in Melbourne, we work on many websites each year. For Beaumaris Secondary College, our expertise was able to deliver a truly remarkable website that showcases their forward thinking and modern attitudes to education.

Sleek, modern and functional

As soon as the new Beaumaris Secondary College website loads, it becomes apparent that visitors aren’t in for just another school website full of text. The first thing users see is a smooth, sleek, rolling slideshow of school footage. Seeing the beautiful school grounds and modern buildings, you certainly know straight away this is a school you want your children to attend.

The menu is visually stunning too, with each tab opening with a photo and modern drop-down leading visitors to all the necessary pages. Throughout all of the sub-pages, we’ve also used images and video to give visitors a real glimpse into the school. Needless to say, we’re incredibly proud of this website because it is so visually appealing and functional.

Packed with features and information

School websites throughout Australia are incredibly varied. Some, it’s nearly impossible to find the information needed. Rather, others are so heavy on text that people simply wouldn’t read it. For Beaumaris Secondary College, there is a lot of information spread throughout the site. Because we’ve designed it with the user experience in mind though, it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

We’ve broken blocks of text up with image and video, so users can get a full picture of what the school does. Another great feature we installed was a virtual tour. This allows users to look around the school grounds, almost as if they were right there. It’s a great feature and also one that offers a lot to the user.

This certainly wasn’t a small project. Our designers needed to think strategically about how we include large amounts of information without becoming stale. It’s complicated putting so much written information into a website but we’ve done it in a user-friendly way. This is because we collaborated closely with our client, and also put ourselves in the site visitor’s shoes. What do they want to see?

Website Development Company in Melbourne: Human Pixel

That’s what makes us different than your average website development company in Melbourne. We look at the human side of everything, because that’s what matters. Technology is designed to make life easier for humans, so that’s what we do.

For the very best website development company in Melbourne, please contact us at Human Pixel today.

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Beaumaris Secondary College Website Goes Live

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