Business Solutions for a Growing Company

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Is your company starting to grow? There are some good signs that your business is taking off, such as increased revenue, a larger customer base and the need for new staff. However, with business growth comes the need for additional technology to make your life easier. Here are some of the best business solutions your company can invest in today.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems

CRMs are much more than just a place to store customer information. In fact, if you invest in a high-quality CRM, it can serve as a complete business management tool. With a CRM you can do a whole range of things to improve the way you do business. Key features include sales automation, automated marketing tasks, sales workflows, customer records and much more.

However, most CRMs also have great features like chat channels, collaboration tools, even team management tools. Ultimately, it’s about total business improvement. If you find that leads are falling through the cracks or your customer service isn’t where it should be, CRMs are a great investment. You can even customise them and integrate third-party software.


Chatbots are almost expected on websites today. It can be a simple bot that guides customers through pre-determined conversations. Alternatively, something a little more complex involving natural language processing and machine learning. The idea is to create a better way for customers to connect with your business. If they want answers to simple questions, there is often no need to speak to a human. However, it’s a good idea to ensure customers can still speak to your staff if they need to. Remember, chatbots aren’t supposed to replace humans. They simply remove some of the mundane questions from staff, freeing them up to deal with more complex issues.

Website business solutions

Once you start improving some of your other business processes, it’s not unlikely for your website to seem a little out of date. Certainly, if you improve your sales workflows and lead management, you want your website to deliver more leads too. So, that might mean investing in SEO, or even a complete website overhaul.

You can integrate third-party software into your site and also make it talk more fluently with your other business solutions. With proper website development, your site can be a powerful sales machine that works with your teams.

SMS automation

If you’re serious about opening up new ways of connecting with customers, SMS automation is a great way to do it. From sensing SMS appointment reminders to delivering special offers and discounts, SMS is a terrific way to connect. Plus, people are way more likely to open an SMS than a standard email, so it’s also extremely effective.

Custom software business solutions

Finally, to pull everything together in one neat package, you might consider custom software as a business solution. Building software that handles all the daily operations of your business is certainly an investment. But it’s one that will repay you several times over in improved efficiency and productivity. And at the end of the day, productivity equals profits!

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Business Solutions for a Growing Company

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