Can Custom Software Development Save Money?

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As a business grows, it’s likely that you’ll start considering your software options. Working with old spreadsheets and simple databases certainly isn’t going to cut it as you expand. So, you’ll need to ask yourself whether you choose a software development company in Melbourne to create something unique for your business. The other option is to choose generic off-the-shelf programs.

Let’s have a look at how custom software development can save you money.

A custom software development company in Melbourne creates systems unique to your business

When you’re buying generic programs, they are always a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, custom software is developed with all of your exact business functions in mind. You also won’t find a bunch of complicated features that you’ll never use.

The other huge benefit of custom software is the ability to integrate into other programs. Your developers can ensure your system speaks to all of your other programs. This makes life so much easier as your business grows.

Scalability saves you money in the long term

Speaking of your business growing, you’ll likewise want solutions that are scalable. This means the ability to upgrade, improve or add to a software program as you need to. When you look at generic software programs, they are simply a means to an end for your business problems right now. You can’t just pick and choose how your software evolves – that’s up the software company.

If you work with a reputable custom software development company in Melbourne, however, you control how your system changes. Simply request additions or improvements, and they can be done with a minimum of fuss.

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Ongoing support from the custom software development company in Melbourne who actually built your system

Another issue facing all business owners is the matter of tech support. Sure, most of the giant software companies have tech support available, but how easy do you find it to use? Often they’re not quick to respond, or feed you troubleshooting information from a manual. If you’re not tech savvy, that’s also a problem because they don’t often give you assistance in a language you can understand.

With custom software though, you can get responsive tech support directly from the people who built your system. This saves you time and money, because you’re faced with a decreased down-time if something goes wrong.

Custom software gives better long-term cost efficiency

Generic software programs might seem cheap and attractive at first glance. Certainly, the upfront cost is lower than having custom software developed. However, a lot of generic software requires licenses that you pay for every year. Also, as your business grows, so does the cost for these licenses. More staff, more ongoing annual software investment.

Custom software, rather, has a higher up-front cost but then you own the program. You don’t need to pay annual fees, so it gets cheaper the longer you’re in business. It might seem like an investment, but it certainly should be. Software is a key part of your business, and getting it developed properly will give you more efficiency and productivity every single day.

If your business is growing and you need custom software development, you should certainly give us a call. At Human Pixel, we also handle all your other business solutions. Talk to us about CRM integration, website development and even marketing. We’d be happy to discuss how we can take your business to the next level. Contact us today!

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Can Custom Software Development Save Money?

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