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Chatbot Development
Chatbot Development

We love Chatbot Development. It’s one of our passions. Our Chatbot’s serve many different purposes, including Customer Service, Pre-sales, Logged-in Customer Account Enquiries and Live Agent Assist.

When we start a Chatbot Development for a customer, we have a process which we work through collaboratively which will define what the outcomes of the Chatbot Development are.

There are essentially three different types of Chatbot’s.

  • Starting with a Flow Chatbot, which is essentially a tree-based chatbot.
  • Next, Artificial Intelligent Chatbot, which can “learn” or be trained based on keywords and intent based information
  • Finally, we have a Hybrid chatbot. As the name suggests, this is a combination of the two.

Creating a Chatbot doesn’t need to be complex, but it does need great planning. For this purpose, we start with really understanding your business and outcomes first.

If you’re planning a Chatbot Development, then have a chat to us first on 1300 048 626 or by sending us a message on our contact page.

e-Commerce Futures: Facebook Messenger Chatbots

chatbot agency australia

With over 1.3 billion users worldwide, Facebook Messenger is certainly a platform for business to pay attention to. For many years, companies have thought of Facebook as a marketing tool from an ad perspective. But with the introduction of Facebook Messenger bots, you have a real opportunity to convert leads on a single channel. What […]

The Key to Effective Online Visitor Engagement & Conversion

The Key to Effective Online Visitor Engagement and Conversion

Today, it can be said that online customers far outnumber those that do actual physical shopping. This is why most, if not all, businesses have an online presence. The virtual world is a very profitable place for companies that know how to take advantage of it particularly when it comes to engaging visitors and turning […]

Human Pixel wins the Clutch 2019 Australian Top Developers Award & more!

Clutch 2019 Leader Awards

The Human Pixel team won big at the Clutch 2019 Leader Awards taking home four awards, Australian Top Developers, Top Chatbot Companies, Top IT Services Firms and Top B2B Companies! We just feel like dancing to this great, great news. It’s definitely the best way to end the month! GRATEFUL FOR THE RECOGNITION Clutch is a US-based B2B research, ratings, […]

Tailor-Fit Service Sealed with Lifetime Warranty

Tailor-Fit Service Sealed with Lifetime Warranty

Not to toot our own horn but our clients love us and we couldn’t be more grateful. But that love doesn’t come easy. We work for it. We provide services of only the highest quality whether its web development, business process improvement or any of our different integration services. And other than creating excellent output, […]

Facebook Bot Development

Facebook Bot Development

Are you looking for professional Facebook Messenger Bot Development? We love working with our customers to achieve GREAT outcomes. Starting with a chat where we discuss what the specific outcomes the business wants to gain from the Bot. And then moving to a Facebook Bot Development plan. This details each step that we would take […]

Are Chat Bots the New Business Development Manager?

Chatbots in Business Development

Chatbots have a very real application in almost every business Up until very recently, Chatbots have been little more than light entertainment. Businesses would have had a hard time building a business case to use a chatbot in a business context. Things have changed. With the integration of mediums like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Kik, it […]