Chatbot Companies Australia: 5 Use Cases for Chatbots

chatbot companies australia

Chatbot companies in Australia are being inundated with development requests due to the surge in popularity of chatbots. Businesses are seeing incredible efficiency benefits, in areas such as customer service, sales, information gathering. But chatbots can benefit all businesses a little differently.

Chatbot companies in Australia can recharge your business

Efficiency is perhaps the biggest driver behind chatbot development, because clever use of artificial intelligence removes mundane, repetitive tasks from humans, allowing them to focus on more important things. However, when considering what chatbot companies in Australia can do for you, it goes far beyond efficiency.

The other major problem that a chatbot addresses is customer engagement. Businesses are able to service customers, answer questions, interact and even process orders via artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence and machine learning provides almost endless opportunities, so here are 5 popular use cases for chatbots.

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Automated customer service

For quick response times, consistent messaging and 24/7 support, you can’t go past a chatbot. You’ll save time, money and enhance the customer experience along the way. Some of the fundamental things a customer service chatbot can do for you are:

  • Provide information about products and services
  • Assist with technical enquiries
  • Resolve basic enquiries in real time
  • Facilitate payments
  • Internal helpdesk support
  • Gather customer feedback

Delivering efficient customer service is a key pillar of all chatbot function, regardless of the industry you work in.

Sales and lead nurturing

Chatbots are designed to supercharge your sales team through the power of AI. While not replacing experienced sales personnel, chatbots can do a lot of the leg-work for your team. Some useful sales automation functions include:

  • Sorting customers by profile
  • Qualifying leads and referring to the right sales staff
  • Suggesting the best products and services
  • Offering special deals
  • Booking sales appointments

When combined with a quality CRM, chatbots can nurture your leads and increase the potential for them to become sales. They even collect valuable for future sales efforts.

Chatbots for orders and delivery

For simple order processing that requires no complex human involvement, chatbots are a huge time-saver. Customers can interact with your bot to place orders, book appointments and even schedule deliveries. A chatbot is capable of providing up to date stock availability, recommend the best products, and also provide accurate delivery costs and timeframes.

We’re also seeing an increase in food delivery services using chatbots, allowing customers to quickly place orders and arrange delivery.

Social media chatbots

With people spending so much time on social media, it makes sense for businesses to incorporate chatbots into a user’s social media experience. Facebook Messenger, for example, allows businesses to create a bot that can interact with customers quickly and conveniently on a platform they already use extensively. This is a perfect example of using technology to meet customers where they are.

Human resources and recruitment

Finally, chatbots can play a huge role in human resources and the recruitment process. Rather than fielding hundreds of phone calls and screening application, why not let technology take over? Chatbots can provide applicants with job information and also perform basic screening processes. Internally, chatbots can also save time and resources in providing staff with HR information and assistance.

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We’re experts in chatbot development and consulting. That means we find ways for chatbots to complement the human side of your business. Contact us today, because we’d love to start a conversation about how chatbots can help your business thrive.

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Chatbot Companies Australia: 5 Use Cases for Chatbots

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