Chatbot Development Sydney: 3 Common Types of Bots

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When you’re looking for chatbot development in Sydney, there are a few things you should be aware of before you even start. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is a great way to enhance your business, and also save time and money. However, not all chatbots are the same, rather they have very different use cases.

Chatbots are becoming the new norm, so if you haven’t considered implementing one, now is certainly the time. Quite simply, chatbots take mundane tasks away from your staff, saving time and improving efficiency. They also provide customers with instant answers, 24/7. Not only that, the quality of customer service is improved by giving consistent answers to all customers. Improved customer service means more sales.

In this article we’re going to look at 3 common types of chatbots, and which ones would be best suited for your business.

Button Bots

Button chatbots are one of the more simplistic bots out there, yet still very useful. If you’re a smaller business or not-for-profit organisation looking for chatbot development in Sydney, this could be perfect for you.

Button-based chatbots are a little bit like a phone’s IVR system. They direct you to make choices, rather than using free text. Perfect for pre-defined conversation scenarios, button bots are less costly to implement and don’t even require any artificial intelligence. The conversations are pre-determined, as are the answers provided.

An example might be for customers to take a survey, or subscribing to a newsletter. Also, customer service with basic question and answer scenarios can also be achieved. For example, a retail button bot could ask, “Do you want to (a) Shop for more products, (b) Enquire about our returns process or (c) Find us on Social Media?”

The conversation from each selection could break up into further branches, or alternatively, the bot could simply provide links to the online shop, or information on making returns.

Hybrid Bots

The next step up from a button-based bot is a hybrid. It can still include useful buttons to guide the conversation, but also handle natural language. For example, it may ask the same questions as above, but also give the user an option to ask their own question.

Hybrid bots have NLU (natural language understanding) built in to them, however they aren’t a full-blown AI solution. It does, however, record frequent natural language enquiries, which allows developers to continually grow the database of questions and responses.

If you’re a business who would like to transition to full AI chatbot development in Sydney in the future, a hybrid bot is an inexpensive way to provide an interim solution while also gathering data that can help with bot training.

Full AI Chatbot Development in Sydney

As you can imagine, the next step is an AI bot with machine learning capabilities. It can also incorporate buttons and natural language, but the difference is an AI bot will begin learning. It also can handle numerous enquiries and perform multiple automated tasks at once. For example, it can essentially engage in a conversation with a customer and perform different functions. This bot can provide product details, pricing and delivery information all at once.

AI bots can draw on databases and other systems. For example, a simple button-based bot wouldn’t work for giving product pricing and delivery information, because each and every conversation step would need to be pre-programmed. An AI bot, however, can access another source of information, such as a delivery calculator on your website.

Generally, full AI bots are best suited to companies with a large customer support team, or if it’s beneficial to provide sales support 24/7. They improve customer service considerably, and allow sales staff to deal with only the more complex enquiries and issues. Customers are happy with faster resolution, and your customer support costs decrease considerably.

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Chatbot Development Sydney: 3 Common Types of Bots

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