Collisor’s New Website Goes Live

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Human Pixel is proud to announce completion and launch of a brand-new website for Australian company Collisor. The new website is visually stunning, easy to navigate, and packed with features.  But as a dynamic web developer company, it’s the scale of this website we’re most excited about. Read on to find out more!

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Who is Collisor?

Collisor was founded with one goal in mind. They want to provide a comprehensive research tool for students at all stages in life. So, whether you’re leaving high school, looking to change careers or seeking a particular qualification, Collisor provides you all the information you need. They also have global partnerships in the training and education fields. For students looking to study abroad, Collisor helps them achieve their goal.

Essentially, if you want the right educate, Collisor gives you the tools to research, compare and find the very best out there. From course details to accommodation and financial resources, Collisor takes the guess work out of your education and training needs.

What did the website need?

This website is absolutely packed with resources. The Student Central page is a one-stop-shop for students of all ages, and therefore has a lot of information on:

  • Careers
  • Accommodation
  • Financial Support
  • Tutors
  • Student lifestyle
  • Studying abroad

The main aim was to make searches very customisable and tailored to the user. As a result, they can easily access the information that really suits their unique situation.

There’s also a huge listing of providers, searchable by provider type, country, state and also level of study. The pages are sleek, modern, and easy to navigate.

Perhaps the biggest undertaking of the entire website was capturing all of the relevant course information. It’s the kind of resource you really need a dedicated, motivated and talented web developer company for, because the database is huge. Students can search using various filters to find any type of course in Australia, and also other parts of the world.

The ultimate online training resource

From our point of view as an experienced web developer company, the vastness of the Collisor resource database is certainly impressive. But it’s not just about providing links to other services. Collisor wanted to go one step further, which is why every course and provider comes with a rating. Students can post reviews, further enhancing the information available for users.

Whether you want online training or face-to-face education, Collisor’s resource website has got you covered.

A web developer company you can trust

As a web developer company we work on all kinds of projects large and small. We can create a larger resource-packed website like Collisor’s or something smaller. We pride ourselves on considering the human side of technology. This means carefully analysing your business, your target audience, and how we can provide the very best business improvement solutions for you.

For the very best web developer company in Melbourne, please contact us at Human Pixel today.

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Collisor’s New Website Goes Live

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