Craig Millar’s New Website is No Laughing Matter

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This week, Human Pixel were proud to launch a new website for Melbourne comedian and writer, Craig Millar. Craig is a very funny man, however as a serious website development company in Melbourne, we didn’t take the job lightly.

The new website

Interactive, easy to navigate and also engaging. These are the key things you’ll notice about Craig Millar’s new website. The whole idea is to showcase his career as a comedian and writer. He’s written and produced several successful shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. So, it stands to reason that we didn’t want a boring website.

We’ve included a homepage that looks great and also provides readers with all they need to know. There’s video snippets of some of his work, and also information about his touring schedule. We added a Photos page where people can see Craig in action, and a contact page that makes it easy for booking agents and fans alike to contact him.

For those wanting to read more about the man, we’ve got a History page, which also includes a live Instagram feed.

Simple and functional

Craig didn’t want pages and pages of boring information on his site, because it simply wasn’t necessary. Through our discussions with our client we determined that simple and functional was by far the best choice. Furthermore, we needed to ensure all content on the site was relevant and served a purpose.

We know that readers respond well to video, because it’s more engaging. They also don’t want to read paragraph after paragraph about Craig’s life story. More importantly, we wanted to showcase his talents, create space to advertise his upcoming shows and also make it easy for people to contact him.

Website Development Company in Melbourne: Human Pixel

Our team of experienced website developers work on all kinds of projects. We do everything from smooth, functional pages like Craig’s, or more complex websites packed with information and features.

It all starts with analysis and consultation. Websites are a digital product, but rather we’re extremely interested in the human side of them. That’s the human aspect of what our clients want, and the human aspect of what their customers want. If you think that your website could do with an overhaul, we’d certainly love to hear from you.  

For the very best website development company in Melbourne, please contact us at Human Pixel today.

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Craig Millar’s New Website is No Laughing Matter

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