Maintaining good customer relationship is important for a business to thrive. Tracking and analysing customer experience is key to this. And in the past, companies manually recorded this but with the dawn of the Internet, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was introduced. A CRM turns customer interactions into useful insights. And given that each business is unique, a Custom CRM Development & Integration is important to maximise its usage.

Backed by a list of satisfied clients, we at Human Pixel are more than capable to do this for you.



With offices in Sydney & Melbourne, we service any company anywhere in the world with our world-class, proven and cost-efficient Custom CRM Development & Integration service. We work with the best tools in the market including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Capsule CRM, Zoho CRM and SuiteCRM. We help our clients integrate almost any system to create a genuine single source of truth.


You may have heard that phrase before but here at Human Pixel, we stand by it. We care about each of our clients. We see to it that we don’t only provide Custom CRM Development & Integration but also ensure that we tailor the process itself to you. Making sure that we are with you each of step of the way from research to maintenance and support. 

A dedicated project team will go over your business with you to determine the best CRM system and features. The team will also help you define your vision and goals. Once these are finalised, the process and time frame will be laid out to you for your approval before any development is done. 

Businesses grow each day and if your CRM needs change during development, we’ll be ready to make modifications to come up with a system that can keep up with you. As with any system, we will conduct testing after development. This will be done from both of our ends to make sure everything is working perfectly. Then we will integrate your new CRM system into your existing systems. After successful integration and final testing, your system will go live.

Our Custom CRM Development and Integration also comes with ongoing support and maintenance. Our dedicated support desk will be ready to assist you anytime after your CRM system goes live.

Whether you need specific features or want to reflect your data in different ways, we can do it. We’re eager to work with you to help you make the most out of your business. Just hit the button below to talk to our experts.

Custom CRM & ERP Development
Custom CRM Development & Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Custom CRM Development & Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Custom CRM Development & Integration Sydney & Melbourne