Discussing the Human Side of Software Development

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Our leader and CEO, Alex Kain, recently sat down to have a chat with Lawpath about the human side of software development, and what’s the motivation behind Human Pixel. Read on to find out some of the key points in this interview, and learn a bit about Alex’s thoughts on business.

More clarity in software development projects

Alex discussed the fact that many businesses cringe at the thought of embarking on a software development project because of the disconnect between what’s required and what’s delivered. Human Pixel’s methodology is to put ourselves in the client’s shoes to ensure we provide solutions that actually address the problem. Otherwise, we’re just creating great software that doesn’t suit the client’s needs.

Improving people’s lives through software development and technology

One of the main points Alex discussed in the interview was the fact that we’re really trying to make a difference in people’s lives. That includes all business stakeholders from owners, staff and their customers. Creating technology for technology’s sake isn’t enough, because it’s more about how that technology improves things or solves a problem. If the technology doesn’t meet specific needs or improve people’s lives in some way, then the project isn’t as meaningful.

What is Alex proud of in his business life?

Human Pixel has been involved in some great projects for clients. This includes start-ups to multinational enterprises, governments and not-for-profits. However, Alex takes a lot of pride in the development of his own staff. He loves seeing people who come to work and embrace the idea that we’re doing something meaningful and truly meeting our clients’ needs. There’s no doubt that the greatest success Alex sees is the entire Human Pixel family.

Words of advice to new business owners

Alex had a few words of wisdom to impart on budding entrepreneurs and business owners during the interview with Lawpath. The key one was to always make decisions based on data. There’s so much data available now if you know how to access it. So, while businesses often start with a thought, idea or feeling, that alone won’t guarantee success. It’s important to validate those thoughts with data before proceeding. Also, to look after yourself mentally, physically and financially, because business can be a tough road.

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Discussing the Human Side of Software Development

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