eCommerce Sydney: 5 Benefits of Using WooCommerce

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WooCommerce is certainly one of the most popular and most-used eCommerce platforms in the market today. It works exclusively with WordPress websites, making it easy for businesses to expand their existing site into a supercharged base for eCommerce in Sydney. Packed with features, WooCommerce allows businesses to sell everything from physical to digital products. Read on to find out more about the benefits of kickstarting your eCommerce journey with Woo-Commerce.

Customizable for your business

WooCommerce has a whole bunch of themes to choose from, and they won’t cost a cent. There are also paid themes, and you can have a WooCommerce specialist in Sydney or Melbourne build one that’s unique to your brand.

Branding is important, so it’s helpful to customise how your eCommerce store looks and feels. Keep customers coming back again and again with easy-to navigate, customisable themes!

WooCommerce is free!

WooCommerce is essentially an open-source plugin that works with WordPress. Because of this, it’s totally free for those who are new to eCommerce in Sydney. Some of the additional features or themes cost extra, but to get started with a functional store is completely free.

Because it’s user-friendly too, you can get up and running quickly. Even hiring a WooCommerce specialist to set it up for you won’t be as expensive as you think.

Additional features and extensions

WooCommerce comes with plenty of built-in features, including product ratings/reviews, easy product sorting and filtering, location specific currency and measurement, and also blogging. The great thing is, there is no limit to the products you can sell.

In addition, there are lots of extensions you can add. Some are free, and some are paid, but they usually aren’t too expensive. Extensions include payments, shipping, analytics, even marketing plugins.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

WordPress is already incredible for SEO, because it makes it easy for you to get it right. With WooCommerce, this extends to the products you sell. WooCommerce makes it easy to optimise each and every product you sell!

Analytical data to boost your eCommerce Sydney sales

Understanding your sales is integral to taking your business to the next level. WooCommerce offers uncomplicated analytics to help you understand your business. You can see your most popular products, customer information and a whole lot more to inform your future efforts.

The specialists in eCommerce Sydney

At Human Pixel, we’re the experts in turning your website into a sales machine. We can help you move away from third-party online retailers and take control of your own sales. Combining your brand-new eCommerce store with custom CRM integration to even further manage sales, you can give your business a huge boost. For the best eCommerce Sydney has to offer, contact us today and see how we can help.

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eCommerce Sydney: 5 Benefits of Using WooCommerce

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