With different business technologies being developed and launched today, Organisations have a plethora of tools to choose from. These are designed to help optimise operations and maximise growth and profit. One great tool that is being utilised by different businesses is the chatbot.

Awarded as one of Australia’s Top Chatbot Companies, Human Pixel has delivered Chatbot Development services across the country with excellent results. To make this possible, our team uses only highly-effective solutions to enhance our platform like Google Dialogflow.



Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Google Dialogflow is a service that provides powerful natural language processing (NLP) abilities. It is used in developing voice and text-based conversational interfaces such as voice first apps and chatbots. And as an expert in Chatbot Development and Artificial Intelligence, Human Pixel knows how to utilise the service best to maximise its use.


By integrating Google Dialogflow into our chatbot platform, our bot becomes more user-friendly and intuitive. This means it can better recognise user enquiries or questions and provide answers and solutions as needed. And through the NLP engine’s Sentiment Analysis feature, our bot can determine when a user is unhappy and has to be forwarded to a live agent. As a Live Chat Integration specialist, we can also help you with this.

Additionally, Sentiment Analysis also allows for a better understanding of what intents or messages lead to higher customer sentiment. Then combined with our platform’s Analytics feature, your Organisation gets an insight into the conversations between our chatbot and the user. Thus, this allows us to improve and optimise the bot more based on your needs.


Speaking of, we make sure to tailor our Chatbot Development to your needs right from the start. How do we do this? By talking to you. When you work with us, we first sit down to discuss your business. We’ll ask you what problems you want the bot to solve. We’ll work with your team to analyse the customers’ perspective and determine the answers they need instantly. Then armed with enough information, we will present our recommendation and plan. Afterwards, we will begin with development with your go signal.

Our team will be in constant communication with you throughout the process, providing you with updates. Likewise, our Support Desk will also be ready to assist anytime for any questions or concerns. If your requirements change along the way, don’t worry. We’ll be more than happy to accommodate. Furthermore, we provide Lifetime Warranty on our Chatbot Development to ensure that you get the most out of it even after we’re done.

So, whether you need your chatbot to help in Customer Service, Sales/Lead Generation or something more specialised, we can do it for you. To start the process, just click the button below and talk to one of our Chatbot Specialists!

Enhancing Chatbot Experience with Google Dialogflow
Enhancing Chatbot Experience with Google Dialogflow
Enhancing Chatbot Experience with Google Dialogflow
Enhancing Chatbot Experience with Google Dialogflow
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