e-Commerce Futures: Facebook Messenger Chatbots

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With over 1.3 billion users worldwide, Facebook Messenger is certainly a platform for business to pay attention to. For many years, companies have thought of Facebook as a marketing tool from an ad perspective. But with the introduction of Facebook Messenger bots, you have a real opportunity to convert leads on a single channel.

What are Facebook Messenger bots?

Much like any other chatbot, Facebook Messenger bots are an artificial intelligence tool used to connect with your customers. By using natural language interface, these bots can start conversations with your customers. They can even learn from each interaction.

These bots are built in to the Facebook Messenger platform. This means customers can quickly jump from your Facebook page into a conversation with your bot. The idea is to nurture leads, answer questions, and even initiate certain tasks.

The bots have been around since 2016, however following ongoing enhancements we’re seeing this become a popular source of eCommerce marketing going forward.

What can the bots do for your business?

Facebook Messenger bots are primarily a marketing tool. For example, bots answer customer queries and nurture them towards a sale. Also, they can serve as a genuine point of customer service just like a website chatbot.

You can also program them to perform specific tasks, such as placing orders or gathering details for product returns. If your business is connected to your customers on Facebook Messenger, you can also use this channel for more direct marketing. This might be sending discount codes or notifying of new products. If customers want to know more, your chatbot is there to help.

Do you need a Facebook Messenger bot?

Every business has different needs and budgets, so we can’t tell you if a Facebook Messenger bot is essential. What we can say though, is that there are already 300,000 of them in existence. So, if you want to provide great service and harness the available technology, most chatbot agencies in Australia would recommend it.

Furthermore, people spend a lot of time on social media. Apps like Messenger are now a preferred method of communication. So, when you consider one of your marketing goals is to reach clients where they already are, a focus on social media makes sense.

Want the best chatbot agency Australia has to offer?

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e-Commerce Futures: Facebook Messenger Chatbots

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