FGCM Boosts Online Presence with Its New Website

FGCM Boosts Online Presence with Its New Website

The Company

Offering mine maintenance programs, First Grade Contract Maintenance (FGCM) has been in the business since 2011. They are based in Biloela & service clients in the lower Bowen Basin area. Specifically, they provide project management and planning, shift relief services and buckets & dump body repairs, among others. Led by its passionate leaders, Ian and Danni Johnson along with their highly-experienced team, FGCM takes each project to heart no matter the scope.

Working with Human Pixel

The Challenges

FGCM was one of the businesses that hosted their website on the Adobe Business Catalyst. So, with the platform’s discontinuation, they were also affected. With just months away before Adobe takes down all servers next year, they needed to migrate their website to another platform quick.

Other than this, they also wanted to improve the user experience on the website. They wanted visitors to achieve a good understanding of their capabilities & core values as a company. Furthermore, they wanted to have more control over their website. They were having difficulty with updating the site about new projects completed. They also wanted to improve their website’s marketing & become more visible in search engine results pages (SERPs).

The Goals

With a deep understanding of FGCM’s needs & through our collaboration with them, we set out three main goals for the project.

  • Migrate their Business Catalyst website to a new platform
  • Create an updated, modern & fresh design with a focus on mobile devices
  • Help improve search engine visibility

The Process

Understanding the problem at hand & its urgency, Human Pixel went to work. First, we assessed the current website. We then created an action plan for the migration, taking into consideration all the data on the front end of the website. As part of this, we looked for broken links, errors & redirects and fixed those during migration.

As part of the project, we also created a new website design for FGCM’s approval. With the final design in place & the website developed, we tested it with all its features to make sure everything works as expected. This included testing its mobile responsiveness.

Then to help improve their search engine visibility, we configured Google Adwords, Analytics & Search Console for their website.

The Output

From Adobe Business Catalyst, FGCM’s new website now runs on WordPress. We chose WordPress because it is dynamic yet easy to use.

The fresh & clean design presents a Home Page that clearly states the company’s services. Furthermore, visitors can now navigate the website easier.

FGCM Boosts Online Presence with Its New Website

Then to make it easy for them to update their site, we set up a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS). This allows FGCM to update their site each time they complete a project.

FGCM Boosts Online Presence with Its New Website

Additionally, we helped quicken their hiring process by allowing applicants to upload the different certificates required. This eliminates the back-and-forth communication between the company & the applicants just to ask for the certificates.

FGCM Boosts Online Presence with Its New Website

To check FGCM’s new website, visit https://www.1gcm.com.au/.

Have the same challenges? 

If you find yourself in the same boat as FGCM, look no further. We can create a dynamic yet easy-to-use website for you.

Whether you’re also affected by Business Catalyst’s discontinuation or just want a fresh & new website, we’re your team! Just reach out to us to start the conversation!

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FGCM Boosts Online Presence with Its New Website

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