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free remote working software

In these uncertain times, businesses are looking for opportunities to maximise productivity. Therefore, changing the way we work is a natural evolution as the world changes around us, and remote working software can help. Issues like the COVID19 pandemic require many businesses to have staff working at home. But, remote working isn’t just for crazy times like these. There are huge benefits to enabling remote working in your business, and Human Pixel is here to help.

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Get connected remotely with Zoho

Here at Human Pixel, the human side of business is important to us. In the current environment, it’s a very real fact that remote working is enabling many businesses to remain open while others are shutting their doors. This means job security for employees and continued profitability for your business.

We can assist with a range of remote working systems that allow your teams to work from home, or anywhere in the world. In partnership with Zoho, we’re able to get your business set up with remote working systems that feature the following tools:

  • Communication
  • Training
  • Project management
  • Collaboration
  • File storage and sharing
  • Online meetings
  • Task assignment and monitoring
  • Customer support

Everything you do in an office can be replicated using this impressive suite of apps from Zoho. This is the way forward for businesses, and we can help you get started now. Check out the video below for a demonstration.

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Free until 1 July, 2020

To help businesses through these trying times, Zoho is offering their remote working systems for free until 1 July, 2020. If you act quickly, this is a great time to get set up, get working, and embed all these process into your daily work before paying a cent.

This free service would allow 100 user licenses, meaning businesses with less than 100 staff can have every single staff member working safely and remotely in this time of crisis.

Can you really do everything with remote working?

The short answer is absolutely yes. Zoho Remotely’s suite of apps allows you to do everything you would in a normal office.

remote team management software
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Meet and communicate online

Zoho Remotely allows you to hold team meetings, run training sessions, provide sales presentations and even conduct customer support calls. Scheduling meetings across time zones is easy, and screen sharing makes calls more interactive.

You can create channels and manage multiple chats, or quickly jump on audio or video calls with your team. You’ll be able to share files, collaborate, and even convert messages into tasks and assign them right from your chat.

remote team management software
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Collaborate easily from anywhere

Teamwork is alive and well with Zoho, no matter where your teams are. You can plan and monitor your projects, assign tasks, Allocate resources and also prioritise tasks.

You can also seamlessly create team drives, share files, and collaborate on single documents in real time.

remote team management software
Support Customers Free today

Provide remote customer support

Zoho Remotely’s support apps act as your eyes and ears, making it easy to identify customer issues and provide support in real time. You’ll be able to connect with employees and customers wherever they are, securely and through multiple devices. Share support files and patches with ease.

remote team management software
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Boost productivity with easy documents

Zoho’s suite of document apps comprise of word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Your team members can collaborate on a single file in real time.

These easy-to-use apps allow you the freedom to write documents, analyse data and create slideshows no matter where you are.

Convenient support packages

Here at Human Pixel, we can offer you all the necessary support to integrate remote working into your daily life. We can integrate all your Zoho apps into any other critical systems you currently use, making life easy. You don’t need to think of it as an overhaul, rather an improvement.

We offer a range of conveniently priced monthly support packages as well, which allow us to help with anything you need along the way. This includes any support you require, and represents a great saving on our normal casual support rate. Find out more about our packages here.

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If you want to access your free remote working software quickly and easily, all you need to do is fill out the form below. Human Pixel can get you set up, offer advice and assistance, and also handle any custom integration issues you may have. Click the button below, or contact us today and find out how we can help.

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