Gravity Forms and Stripe Payment Gateway Integration – Coupon Driven Multiple Custom Charge Plugin

Got Gravity forms – check!

Got the Stripe Add-on – check!

What if you’re running a special promotion where you need to charge a setup fee, but then not charge anything until after the project is completed, and need to capture the credit card details to do that?

Or, what if it’s a subscription which is cheaper for the first 3 months, and then more expensive for the next 12 months?

Or how about a promo that your boss wants to run where you give the second month free?

Can’t do that with the existing Stripe Add-on, can you?!


Never mind, we’ve solved the issue.

With our Gravity Forms and Stripe Payment Gateway Coupon Driven Multiple Custom Charge Plugin or GRSPGCDMCCP (We’re actually kidding about that abbreviation) 😀

The Plugin Features

  1. Multiple Charging Variables – Charge an upfront fee, then charge a fixed fee every month, second month, twelfth month or every third day (or any other frequency you like)
  2. Have hundreds of charging variations based on a coupon, on the SAME form
  3. Use the existing local Gravity Forms coupon, not Stripe coupons to control the charge
  4. Save Credit Card numbers to Stripe so you can manually charge later
  5. Allow a once off charge, or ongoing subscription
  6. Initial charge can be $0 to capture credit card details for future charges
  7. Installed as a separate plugin, so update safe


Screenshot showing the installation of the Gravity Forms Stripe plugin


Screenshot shows additional section added to Form Settings showing Plan Type (Fixed or Recursive), After Days (To be charged after number of days), Amount to charge, Coupon and Coupon Amount (The discount provided for the coupon)

This plugin is for

People who need more control over their Gravity Forms and Stripe charges. This plugin allows full control over almost every aspect of how and when different amounts are collected. One coupon number could potentially set up 10 different recurring and single charges at different dates across the course of a 12 month period.

Want more information about our Gravity Forms and Stripe Coupon Driven Plugin

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