Guppy’s New Website: Borne from Passion for Childcare & Learning

Guppy's New Website: Borne from Passion for Childcare & Learning


Oriented around the needs of children, parents and staff, Guppy’s Early Learning Centre was launched in 2007 with five staff members all dedicated to providing only the best care and learning for young children. From having just one centre and five staff members, Guppy’s has grown to have 18 centres and over 250 employees. And their passion and dedication have only grown stronger over the years.

Driven by their vision to provide exceptional childcare through personalised service, Guppy’s continues to hone its staff through training. Making sure everyone is equipped to understand and meet the needs of children and their parents as best as they could. The Organisation also sees to the well-being of its employees and conducts only the best business practices.


And as Guppy’s aim to provide quality care and learning to more children, they needed their website to be at its best as well. They wanted to provide an easy way of sending online enquiries as interested parents visit their website regularly. Creating such a feature would not only be convenient but also allow Guppy’s to connect with parents quicker. Other than that, they also wanted to be able to make changes as needed with ease—something they were not able to do before. And this is where Human Pixel came into the picture.


“Human Pixel was clear with the details. They [also] gave suggestions which we would not have thought of otherwise.” – Andrew Parker, Guppy’s Early Learning Centre CEO

Working alongside the company’s CEO and his team, we evaluated the website and came up with a recommendation and plan. We then proceeded with implementation with their go signal.

We examined competitor websites and conducted market research on maximising the enquiries from the website. From there, we developed an enquiry form which may look very simple but it’s actually more than what it seems. It’s a research-backed lead generation machine for Guppy’s.

Guppy's New Website: Borne from Passion for Childcare & Learning

And to cater to their need of having an easy and convenient way to update content, we developed a custom-made Content Management System (CMS) that provides just that.

“The administrative function of the website—to add and update content is much easier than before. It’s refreshing.”

With the changes and updates we made to their website, Guppy’s is now more able to work towards their goal of providing exceptional childcare through personalised service to more parents and children.

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Guppy’s New Website: Borne from Passion for Childcare & Learning

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