How to Customise Your WooCommerce Website Development

woocommerce website development

Are you looking to jazz up your online store and boost sales? With WooCommerce website development, anything is possible. Whether you’re running a small hobby store or you’ve got dreams of being the next big thing in online retail, WooCommerce offers plenty. Best of all, you don’t need to be super tech-savvy to take your website to the next level.

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WooCommerce Store Extensions

If you’ve built your online store with WooCommerce, you’ll already know that the platform in itself is a WordPress plugin. But all the plugging in doesn’t stop there. WooCommerce Store offers a huge range of extensions, similarly known as plugins. These extensions cover everything from the visual customisation of your site, to shipping, marketing and social media. Basically, if you think something would help your store, there’s a plugin for it.

If you’re strapped for cash there’s plenty of free extensions out there. There are some you’ll need to pay for. Start browsing today, and you’ll find heaps of ways to enhance your WooCommerce website development experience.

Adding Coupons

Aside from fancy extensions, WooCommerce has plenty of customisable functionality built right into its own settings. One of those is the ability toa dd coupons to your site. Let’s face it, everybody loves a good discount voucher, and WooCommerce makes it easy. You can easily add coupons with a range of usage restrictions so they’re used the way you want. You can set a certain number of coupons per customer, and also allow a coupon to be used on non-sale items only.

Customise these coupons to apply to certain products, a percentage discount and also fixed price discounts. Simply publish the coupon details in your WooCommerce coupon settings, and start dishing out the promo code to customers. Easy!

Taxes Made Easy with WooCommerce Website Development

Under the ‘General’ settings section, if you check a box called ‘Enable tax rates and calculations’, the WooCommerce fairies will reveal a hidden tab for taxes. Here you can easily manage tax rates by selecting whether the product prices include tax or not. You can even set the types of taxes, and let WooCommerce do all the calculations for you.

Shipping Customisation

The ‘Shipping’ tab also gives you some nifty features to help calculate shipping costs. You can restrict shipping to certain countries or geographical regions, and also set flat-rate shipping costs. This is also where you can list all available shipping options, giving customers more choice and control.

Set Your Desired Payment Options

Have you thought about how customers are going to pay for your goods? Well, WooCommerce website development makes this super easy. WooCommerce lists most of the common payment methods. You just need to check them and add your details, for example bank transfers and PayPal. You can also consider API integration to have other payment methods like Stripe or POLi included.

These handy tips will help get your WooCommerce store up and running smoothly, but remember the customer experience is everything. That’s why it’s worth the effort to find all the ways to boost your website’s performance. If you need a hand, contact us at Human Pixel Today and we’d be glad to have a chat.

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How to Customise Your WooCommerce Website Development

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