How to Use Landing Pages Effectively

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You may have heard people talking about landing pages, but wondered what they actually are. Well, they’re a pretty awesome business marketing tool. Plus, they’re pretty easy to implement without too much hassle. Put it this way, a simple landing page might get you 5 new leads each week. It might take 100 cold calls to get those 5 leads, so we know which one we’d rather use.

If you’re new to landing pages, here’s a brief run-down. We’ll even throw in a few tips on how to use them effectively.

What are landing pages?

A landing page is exactly as the name suggests – a page for website visitors to land on. It looks exactly like the rest of your website, and even functions the same. You’ll have the same menus, header, footer and everything else you love about your website. However, these pages usually can’t be found by browsing your website. That’s because they don’t appear in your menus, as they’re usually attached to certain other functions.

Businesses use landing pages to rank well on Google for certain goods or services. You can also create them relating to special deals, promotions, or even just to advertise your business in a certain location. Think of it like a poster – it’s there to catch people’s attention and make them take action. Here’s how you can generate more leads with cost-effective landing pages.

Use landing pages for PPC advertising

If you’re paying for advertising on Facebook or Google, you’re usually highlighting a certain part of your business. It might be a promotion, a specific service you offer. These ads are linked to certain keywords that users search for. This is called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Those ads should link to relevant part of your website, or more commonly a landing page.

Let’s say you run an electronics business and you’re advertising to rank for keywords related to televisions. If people click the ad and go to your home page, they still have to go searching for televisions. You’ve already annoyed the customer with one click. Not a great start!

However, if you have a page dedicated to televisions, maybe even offering a special deal or discount, you’re making it much easier for the customer to get the information they need and proceed towards a purchase.

Employ multiple location landing pages

On your normal website, you probably won’t be listing every single suburb you service on every single page. So, it can be difficult to rank well for terms such as ‘electronics stores in St Kilda’. However, if you create a landing page advertising the fact that you sell electronics in St Kilda, you may rank better for those searches. You can then duplicate the page (using some fresh content) for all of the suburbs surrounding your store.

Always use a relevant call-to-action

The key to a good landing page is the call-to-action (CTA). This is where you show customers what you want them to do next. So, to grow your email list, the CTA directs customers to a contact form. If you’re advertising a deal on certain products, the CTA should click straight through to the product page. With a great CTA, you can nurture customers towards your goals.

So, there you go. 3 simple ways you can take advantage of landing pages and grow your business. Sound better than cold calling customers from a phone directory? Yep, we thought so!

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How to Use Landing Pages Effectively

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