HubSpot Features to Grow Your Business

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If you’ve ever looked into using a customer relationship management (CRM) system for your business, then you’ve likely heard of HubSpot. Its one of the most recognised CRM’s out there, and it’s popular among all businesses large and small.

But what exactly does it do? Here’s just some of the ways you can HubSpot to grow your business.

Automating emails

Perhaps one of the best features on HubSpot is the email automation. Basically, by automating emails you’re servicing customer’s needs, promoting your business and impressing users all at once. For example, you can set certain emails to send automatically when customers interact with your website. If they fill out a contact form, HubSpot automatically issues a reply thanking them for their enquiry. If they sign up for an e-book or product info sheet, HubSpot sends it straight away.

You’ll also be able to schedule strategically timed emails to your client list based on where they are in the sales funnel. Weekly newsletters are a breeze, and essentially of your client emails are handled at the touch of a button (sometimes even without!)

HubSpot’s reporting is all in one place

If you’ve ever tried to access your marketing metrics without HubSpot, you’ll know it’s time consuming. You need to dig into Google Analytics, your social media accounts and even other marketing platforms if you use them. That’s just to access the reports, before you spend more time analysing them.

Kiss that wasted time goodbye, because HubSpot links all of your analytics in one place. You get a quick and easy snapshot of all your marketing activity and how it’s performing. That leaves you more time to put those analytics to use by tweaking your marketing strategy.

Easy-to-use platform for marketing

Many businesses find marketing difficult, because there’s just so much to think about. You’ve got blog posts, creating landing pages, designing client emails, even tweaking your website. Well, with HubSpot, you can do it all from one simple platform. Best of all, the interface for most of the marketing tasks is very similar. So, once you get used to is, you’ll find it easy to do those tasks yourself.

While you still need a clearly defined marketing strategy, you can certainly save a little money if you’re confident doing this type of content creation yourself. Your marketing team will certainly thank you, and they’ll be far more productive.

Simplify your customer support with HubSpot

Finally, a business can’t grow without looking after it’s customers. That includes after a sale has been made, particularly if you sell software or other products that require ongoing support. With HubSpot, you can simplify your customer support easily. When users visit your website and lodge a support request, a ticket is automatically generated and allocated to the appropriate staff.

Not only does this make your customer support more efficient, it also increases customer satisfaction. Your valued customers have their issues dealt with quickly, and that keeps them as happy customers. And there’s no better business than repeat business!

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HubSpot Features to Grow Your Business

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