Human Pixel CEO Alex Kain Talks Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service and Taking Your Business Online

artificial intelligence in customer service

In July 2020, Human Pixel CEO Alex Kain sat down for a video interview with Outcomes Business Group founder David Guest. In a wide-ranging discussion, Alex and David discussed how Human Pixel and Alex personally are getting through the Covid-19 pandemic. Alex also discussed the rise of artificial intelligence in customer service, and how businesses can move online.

The key messages centre around understanding what resources you have, and how best to use them. He also had some great business advice for anybody starting their journey. Read on to find out more!

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

When asked about what Human Pixel have been up to lately, Alex revealed that we’ve been doing a lot of chatbot development. Naturally, this prompted further discussion on the topic of artificial intelligence in customer service.

Alex noted that we live in a world where people want information now. It might be product information or answers to questions, but consumers don’t want to wait. Chatbots and artificial intelligence are a solution, because customers can receive service 24/7.

The other key point Alex made was that artificial intelligence plays also play a role in delivering a unique customer experience on websites. The more we know about a customer, the more we can customise their website experience using AI.

Navigating Covid-19 the Right Way

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented a lot of challenges for business, so this topic formed a big part of Alex’s conversation. On a personal note, Alex shared that the current situation had made him really focus on looking after the Human Pixel team. With many of us working remotely, it’s certainly been about making sure the team has what it needs.

Alex’s message was about taking care of the human parts of business, and understanding what’s really important. This tied in with his great business advice about staying true to what you believe in. Similarly, that removing toxic things from your business and personal life is crucial for success.

Maximising the Resources You Have

In the current environment, many businesses are looking for ways to take their business online. Alex discussed the fact that not everything you do is able to translate well online. He gave the example of a friend who runs an events planning business. With the current restrictions on gatherings, there was very little he could do with his current business model.

Rather than be restricted by what he can’t do currently, he looked for solutions. By converting his business property into storage space, Alex’s friend is still able to earn income while other parts of his operations are locked down.

Alex reinforced that although not everything translates well online, it’s important to look at the resources you do have and be creative with them.

If you’d like assistance with artificial intelligence in customer service, or any other digital solutions, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today, and check out the full video below!

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Human Pixel CEO Alex Kain Talks Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service and Taking Your Business Online

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