Human Pixel Launches New Chatbot Platform

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Like all good chatbot development companies, we’re always looking to refine our products and deliver the best performance for our clients. The digital landscape is constantly changing, but the need for humans to interact easily with technology remains a key focus for our team. This is the key principle that underpins the development of our new chatbot platform, designed to deliver high performance and likewise an unparalleled ease-of-use to our clients.

Human Pixel’s New, Enhanced AI Chatbot Platform

We’ve taken a very human-centric approach to the development of our new chatbot platform. Rather than creating an artificial intelligence chatbot that completely replaces human customer service, we’ve focused on building a program that allows technology to handle simple, mundane tasks while human service is available where it’s needed most.

Artificial intelligence is in place to handle basic functions such as providing information, nurturing towards sales and reducing staff involvement in simple interactions. With an easy-to-use and customisable interface, we’re excited about the scope of our future chatbot development capabilities.

Our CEO Alex Kain also had this to say about the new platform: “After months of development, we’re extremely excited to be taking the wrapper off our new chatbot platform that will provide a flexible & scalable AI solution for clients of varying industries and sizes. The learnings gained from the 1st version of our software will take chatbots and in particular, integrations with external systems to a whole new level!”

The Key Components of Our New Chatbot Platform

Building upon the first version of our AI chatbot platform, we believe we’ve created software that improves scalability, is easier for our clients to operate, and also provides a better end-user experience for customers. Some key components are:

  • Integrated with Live Agent chat
  • Google Dialogflow integration
  • Integrated with Microsoft bot framework
  • Hosted on AWS Australia at Enterprise level
  • Designed for high volumes of traffic
  • Enhanced analytics and reporting

Like all chatbot development companies, Human Pixel is committed to continual evolution.

A History of Chatbot Success

Firstly, one of our largest recent projects has been the development of an AI chatbot system for Equifax Australia. When asked for feedback, they had the following to say. “They always provided white glove service and had a very hands-on approach. The initial release reduced incoming calls by 40%, and now over 50% of questions are also handled directly by the functionality. Human Pixel Pty Ltd thoroughly documented the entire process and was communicative throughout. They consistently provided efficient, high-quality work.”

Our CTO Adam Winchester has been driving the ship on much of the new chatbot platform development. He brings with him the experience of working on large-scale AI projects such as CommBank’s chatbot system.

What Makes Us One of the Most Trusted Chatbot Development Companies?

We may have a more human focus than other chatbot development companies, but we’re always willing to back ourselves in to deliver high-performance software. Our new chatbot platform helps us further bridge the gap between artificial intelligence and human support, and we’re excited to start delivering even more dynamic solutions to our clients.

If you’d like to speak to us about integrating artificial intelligence and chatbot technology into your business, please contact us today and start the conversation!

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Human Pixel Launches New Chatbot Platform

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