Know Your Company’s Carbon Footprint with the New Salesforce Cloud

Know Your Company's Carbon Footprint with the New Salesforce Cloud

Awareness & concern about the environment’s health continues to increase. Particularly, consumers & investors alike expect businesses to do their part in battling climate change. They expect more eco-friendly practices & processes.  The launch of Salesforce Sustainability Cloud makes this easier. It promises to provide Organisations with a 360-degree view of their environmental impact. Moreover, it aims to generate data-driven insights to help make positive changes. Any Salesforce consultant, Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney based, like Human Pixel sees this as a great innovation.

A step forward

Sustainability Cloud will enable businesses to track, analyse and report investor-grade environmental data quickly & easily. Specifically, the Cloud will utilise Salesforce Einstein Analytics which will analyse the information gathered. Afterwards, it will visualise the data by creating dynamic reports and a dashboard to make it easily understandable. Launched last week, Sustainability Cloud is expected to become generally available by December 2019.

Did you know? Einstein Analytics is one of many current Salesforce solutions Human Pixel offers as a Salesforce specialist. Brisbane companies, among others, benefit from this mobile-first analytics platform that works with any data from any source.

A great aid to sustainability

Whether you’re already implementing environment-friendly processes or planning to, Sustainability Cloud can greatly benefit your business. Imagine running a company with offices in different locations. Gathering the needed data from all your offices can prove to be challenging. It might take much more precious time than you can give. As any Salesforce specialist, Sydney based or otherwise would say, Salesforce solutions ease this process. Sustainability Cloud is no different. It will make data gathering easier for you. Furthermore, it will give your Organisation a single source of truth when it comes to carbon data.

So, if you’re already implementing sustainability initiatives, you can refer to the Cloud to check & evaluate your progress. If you’re still in the exploration or planning stage, you can use it to determine how much carbon emission your company is generating. In both situations, Sustainability Cloud arms you with the essential data you need to take the necessary steps.

A stronger & closer relationship with customers

With accurate data right at your fingertips, the Cloud can also help you create a better relationship with your customers. As we’ve mentioned above, consumers are becoming more conscious about their purchases. They are more inclined to buy from companies that are more environmentally conscious.

When you can present your initiatives’ positive results (statistics generated by the Cloud which show lesser carbon footprint), you build a relationship of confidence & trust with your customers. You’re telling them that you’re concerned about the planet; that you’re seriously taking steps & have the data to back it up.  Ask any Salesforce specialist, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane based, they will tell you that such a relationship is integral to the success of a business.

Final thoughts

Given its recent launching, much is yet to be known about Sustainability Cloud. But just like with other products, we can expect various updates on it in the coming months particularly about its features. Nonetheless, with the current details, Sustainability Cloud presents itself to be a great tool & another step forward for businesses to help care for the Earth.

And here at Human Pixel, we’re counting down the months until Sustainability Cloud is made available. We’re excited to help your business create positive changes with it, as your dedicated Salesforce consultant. Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, we cater to you. In the meantime, we’d be happy to discuss with you how implementing Salesforce solutions can benefit your business in terms of customer relationship management, sales, marketing & more. Just click the link the below to start a conversation with one of our specialists!


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Know Your Company’s Carbon Footprint with the New Salesforce Cloud

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