Presence matters. This is a given in relationships. And when you’re a business owner, your relationship with your customers is of utmost importance. Aside from providing quality products, you turn visitors and leads to customers by providing excellent customer service. And when does excellent customer service start? During their very first enquiry. Yes, you can assist them through your Web contact form. But you can make your presence more felt, provide better customer service, and get a higher chance of turning them into customers by talking to them in real time. How can you do that? Through Live Chat Integration.

And as a Live Chat Integration Expert with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, we can make this happen for any Organisation, including yours. Having a thorough knowledge about different Live Chat solutions like Zoho SalesIQ, we can help make your presence more felt and, in turn, close more deals.



When exactly is the right moment? For us, it’s at any moment. Visitors can check your website anytime so it’s important to be available to them as much as you can. And with Live Chat Integration, you make this possible. Your customer service representatives will be able to answer enquiries and assist prospects at the very moment they need it.

Whether it’s via phone or online chat, customers feel a company’s dedication more when they are able to talk to someone on the other end. And the beauty of live chat is that prospects or customers don’t have to wait on a long queue to be assisted. Customer service representatives can talk to multiple clients simultaneously whether on mobile or desktop.

And if you really want to be available to prospects and customers 24/7, you can integrate a chatbot to your website as well. This will allow you to provide detailed information on common concerns even when you’re out. And we can help you with this through our Chatbot Development service.


Live Chat Integration is really a great feature you can get for your website. And in order to maximise its impact on your business, you need the right team to design it to cater to your needs. That’s where we come in. We will talk to you about your business needs. Then with our expertise, create a recommendation and a plan that is sure to meet your requirements. Afterwards, we will begin the integration with your approval.

The entire process including testing up to delivery will be quick and secure. It will be business as usual for you as we work in the background. You may not even notice the time that passed by. We will also be in constant communication with you to give you updates. And our support desk will be ready to assist you anytime even after we’re done through our Lifetime Warranty service.

Got questions or think it’s time to get Live Chat Integration for your website? Just hit the button below to talk to an Expert!

Live Chat Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Live Chat Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Live Chat Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Live Chat Integration Sydney & Melbourne