LMBDW Members Special Offer


LMBDW Members only!

The only thing we love more than wine is Like Minded Bitches drinking it…

Therefore, we have a really special offer ONLY for LMBDW Members and it’s all very exclusive 🙂

Everyone needs a great website development company that they can rely on. Unfortunately, we hear the same stories all the time:

  • My web designer doesn’t have programming knowledge
  • The website developer just stopped answering their phone
  • My web site designer took ages to complete my site
  • The finished website isn’t really what I wanted (or needed)
  • I expected more from my website
  • I spend ages building my website, but I don’t get any leads
  • It was too hard to get it right with my web designer
  • They didn’t get it right

Put simply, we know from almost 25 years in the industry that people just want one thing.

A web developer who is a REAL partner

We’ve heard it all, and we have fixed a lot of bad or half jobs done by other website developers.

So, our special offer for LMBDW members is:

  • Free first meeting to discuss your goals, face to face in Sydney or Melbourne or over the telephone in other areas
  • Absolutely free professional audit of your existing website
  • A professional marketing plan showing how to take your business to the next level
  • 1 month of FREE Search Engine Optimisation Marketing with every new website built (valued at $2,800)

The most important outcome you’ll get from working with us is a sense of knowing that we’re ON YOUR SIDE the whole way as a partner to help you succeed. We’re here to help LMBDW members start, grow or retain.

Let’s have a chat!

Want to know more, simply contact us on 1300 048 626 or using the form below, and we’ll be in contact with you to discuss your needs.