Manage Your Online Business Better with the New WooCommerce Admin

Manage Your Online Business Better with the New WooCommerce Admin

WooCommerce has introduced its new feature plugin, WooCommerce Admin. Built around a new central dashboard, it allows you to monitor key metrics for your site, even via your mobile device. Because no two stores are alike, the dashboard can be configured to tailor your needs. The settings are stored on a ‘per user basis’ so the dashboard will look the same when you log in at a later time.


WooCommerce has in-built stock management options that users can utilise to better maintain inventory accuracy. The WooCommerce Admin has integrated the Stock Report feature. This displays the stock level of the store’s entire product catalogue sorted by available products. Store owners are notified via email for low stock and out of stock products. Moreover, it allows you to replenish stocks and maintain inventory at required levels. If it takes a long time to reorder from a manufacturer or a product is fast-selling, you can increase the low stock threshold. You can also decide whether to allow backorders. Inventory values are displayed accordingly, enabling you to fulfil backorders with ease while keeping your inventory levels updated.

Likewise, the plugin allows you to calculate exactly how much stock you need based on past sales data. To know this, simply generate a Product Report via WooCommerce Admin. The report displays and compares sales information by product for a given period.

Manage Your Online Business Better with the New WooCommerce Admin


Aside from the Stock Report and Product Report, below are other reports available for a specified date range in WooCommerce Admin:

  • Revenue Report – Gives an overview of the financial status of a store. It includes the gross revenue, refunds, the value of coupons used, taxes collected, shipping costs, and net income
  • Orders Report – Reports the total number of orders, net revenue, the average order value, and the average number of items per order
  • Product Comparison Report – Compares the performance of different product/s and variation/s
  • Category Report – Filters by categories the items sold and top categories by net revenue
  • Coupons Report – Displays how many orders used coupons and the total amount discounted
  • Customers Report – Provides a look into all the customer data.
  • Tax Report – Compares tax report data by different tax codes and how much tax was collected
  • Order Report – Filters order data by order status, product, coupon codes, and customers
  • Downloads Report – Allows filtering of downloads


Manage Your Online Business Better with the New WooCommerce Admin

The dashboard also has a new Activity Panel that includes a new notification feature.  This cleans up all relevant notifications in one place and notifies the user with what’s essential in running their online store. In addition, it provides store management tools to quickly & efficiently perform actions such as fulfilling customer orders, managing stocks, managing inventory and store notifications. It is different from the “Store Alerts” that is for “priority” messages for web administrators. This includes plugin versions, critical errors, and security updates.

A business can reap countless benefits from having an online store provided that it uses a great eCommerce solution like WooCommerce. The new WooCommerce Admin feature plugin only further affirms this. So, whether you would like to improve your online sales or start raking in those, Human Pixel can help you as a WooCommerce Specialist!

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Manage Your Online Business Better with the New WooCommerce Admin

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