From email marketing to marketing automation, ActiveCampaign has a lot of tools that can boost your brand visibility & sales. As an ActiveCampaign Specialist with offices in Sydney & Melbourne, Human Pixel can help you reap the countless benefits of using this marketing software for your business.



As a marketing platform, ActiveCampaign offers different tools designed to boost your marketing efforts & ultimately your sales.

Starting with Email Marketing, it provides users with the ultimate control over creating & customising emails. First, its dynamic sign-up forms not only capture information but also allow you to tag people based on their interests. This, in turn, lets you group contacts and create more tailored & engaging email campaigns, among others. Through marketing automation, you can also start a welcome series to begin building a relationship with your contacts. Another great email marketing tool of ActiveCampaign is Split Testing. Through it, you can test variables like email subject lines, images, copies & calls to action. See which ones perform better. As an ActiveCampaign Specialist, we can do all of these for you.

Moving on to Marketing Automation, its Site Tracking tool lets you see which products, services & information your contacts find most interesting in your website. Similarly, the Event Tracking tool records their activities. These include emails opened, video percentage watched & page visits. Then the Goal Tracking tool shows the time it takes for your contacts to complete a goal. It also presents the number of contacts who complete each one. This, in turn, allows you to respond accordingly. Furthermore, the Attribution tool tracks which channels your contacts come from. Thus, you know which ones to focus on.


Evidently, ActiveCampaign can do a lot for your business with its marketing tools. Still, to ensure this, it has to meet YOUR needs. As an ActiveCampaign Specialist, that’s where we come in. We can assist with consulting & implementation. Furthermore, we can integrate the platform with different software applications & website CMS like WordPress.

To begin the process, we will talk to you in a Discovery Session. We do this to have an in-depth knowledge about your business & your market. This will help us determine how to maximise ActiveCampaign. Then equipped with thorough knowledge, we will present our recommendation & plan. These will detail the proposed ActiveCampaign setup particularly the campaigns. It will also state the timeline & steps involved to implement it. Then once we receive your go signal, we will begin working on the platform.

Our team will provide you with timely reports to keep you updated during the process. We will also schedule regular face-to-face video or in-person meetings. Our Support Desk will also be ready to assist you anytime for any questions or concerns.

Then when it comes to the integration, we’ll take care of all concerned data. No data loss guaranteed. You also don’t need to worry about downtime during integration. Our team will do it quickly & efficiently.

Moreover, we can further help you achieve better brand visibility, higher leads & closed sales through our other marketing services. Two of which are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Remarketing.

Want to use ActiveCampaign to boost your marketing? Just click the button below to talk to Human Pixel, the ActiveCampaign Specialist!

ActiveCampaign Specialist Sydney & Melbourne
ActiveCampaign Specialist Sydney & Melbourne
ActiveCampaign Specialist Sydney & Melbourne
ActiveCampaign Specialist Sydney & Melbourne