Put simply, remarketing means marketing to customers more than once. These customers are those who’ve already viewed your website. Also those who expressed an interest on your products but didn’t follow through. And how do you remarket? As a Remarketing Specialist, that’s where Human Pixel comes in.


As a business, your main goal is to generate revenue. You do this through promotions and marketing. And sometimes, no matter how great your marketing efforts are and attractive your promotions are, certain customers end up not making any purchase. Examples are abandoned shopping carts, not following through with online applications or incomplete contact forms. After all the work you’ve done, this scenario can certainly be frustrating. As a Remarketing Specialist with offices in Sydney & Melbourne, we’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again to you wherever you are in the world.


We know those are big words but that’s how confident we are with our remarketing services. Being a Remarketing Specialist, we make this possible by talking to you about your business goals to determine the best strategy. Perhaps, your company will greatly benefit from Segmented Remarketing Campaigns. You can also get more customers back by using Intelligent AI Systems and Dynamic Personalisation, or maybe, a combination of both. We’ll figure it out together. Along with that, we’ll also check your current customer purchase statistics to see the areas for improvement.

From the information gathered, we will give you our recommendation for your approval. Feel free to tell us your inputs. Once it’s approved, planning comes next. We will present you with the details on how we think the remarketing should be done best. After we receive your go signal in the planning, we begin with implementation. If you see the need to modify the remarketing strategy during the implementation, we’re more than happy to talk to you about it.

We will submit a detailed report to you on a weekly basis, and have a face-to-face video or in-person meeting every month. These meetings will allow us to stay on track. See how many customers have followed through with a purchase during a remarketing period, and returning visitors to your site. If you’d like to go over a certain part of the report or need assistance with something else, our Remarketing support desk will be ready to help you anytime.

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Remarketing Specialist Sydney & Melbourne
Remarketing Specialist Sydney & Melbourne
Remarketing Specialist Sydney & Melbourne