With over 3 billion users & counting, social media has become an integral part of society. Rather than sending a snail mail or even an email, people prefer using social media to instantly connect with others. With this, businesses have also utilised Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin, among others to connect with their market. As a Social Media Marketing Agency with offices in Sydney & Melbourne, we continue to study current trends & watch out for new ones. This ensures that we provide our clients with social media marketing (SMM) services that deliver.



With the instant connection it offers, social media is a great platform to engage with your market. Through this engagement, your brand visibility & awareness increase. Moreover, it also boosts your website traffic & customer conversion. However, these results don’t just happen overnight or by simply posting random content on social media. You need an SMM plan tailored to your business & market to achieve these. How can you come up with one? With the help of Human Pixel, your dedicated Social Media Marketing Agency.

To start, we will talk to you about your business goals. You may either want to promote a product better or create a positive reaction about your brand’s message. With a deep knowledge about your needs, we will assess how social media can help you achieve those. Along with that, we will also conduct an in-depth analysis of your target market & competitors. From this, we can determine which social media platforms will work best for you. If you already have a social media presence, we will do an audit of it.

Equipped with a complete picture, we will put together our recommendation & plan for your approval. These will detail the strategy & timeline involved to develop & implement social media content for optimum results. Particularly, it will state profile updates needed, content required, frequency of posts & ad promotions, among others. Then once we receive your approval, we will execute the SMM plan.

Regarding content creation, we can assist with this as well. But if you would like to be more hands-on on this, just let us know. We can also arrange that for you.


The SMM plan we will present will also state the performance metrics to be used. These may include follower growth, referral traffic, conversions & post engagement, among others. We will look into these determiners to see how we’re doing as we implement the plan.

Based on these metrics, we will submit a detailed report weekly. Moreover, we will schedule a face-to-face video or in-person meeting every month to keep you updated. This will ensure that we’re on track & allow us to make any necessary changes to the plan. Then if you have any concerns regarding the plan or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach us. Our Support Desk will be ready to assist anytime.

If you would also like to increase your website’s search engine rankings, our SEO services are perfect for you. Additionally, we can help you get potential customers back through Shopping Cart Abandonment & Remarketing.

Want to start reaping the benefits of Social Media Marketing for your business? We’ve got you! Just hit the button below to talk to Human Pixel, the Social Media Marketing Agency that delivers!

Social Media Marketing Agency Sydney & Melbourne
Social Media Marketing Agency Sydney & Melbourne
Social Media Marketing Agency Sydney & Melbourne
Social Media Marketing Agency Sydney & Melbourne
Social Media Marketing Agency Sydney & Melbourne