New Year, New Software


So, we’ve come around to the time of year where we start looking ahead. What’s on your list of business goals for next year? Growth, most likely. It would be pretty odd if you’re looking to lose business and scale down, right? But growth can only occur if you’ve got the right infrastructure in place.

We’re talking about software, because without the right software, a business is inefficient and less productive. So, if you’ve got big plans to grow your business next year, or even take it in a completely new direction, it’s time to consider the tools you’re working with.

Where did the year go?

It’s a question many businesspeople ask themselves round March each year. “Where has the year gone?” or “What happened to January and February?” It’s not uncommon, and there’s a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, if you close down for a break over Christmas, you usually come back to a pile of work to catch up on. You’re also probably short on staff because people take extended breaks. So, most of January, you’re chasing your tail.

February, things start to get back to normal, but you’re still catching up and welcoming staff back from holidays. There’s also a lot of public holidays in those first couple of months. What we’re getting at here is, remember all those plans you had in December to start working on business growth? Well, two months have gone by, and you haven’t even looked at them.

The Covid-19 Effect

One reason this year is a little different, is because of the obvious global pandemic. So, one thing you might want to consider is staying open a little more than usual over the festive period. Believe it or not, staff may actually want to. Especially if they’re forced to use annual leave entitlements during the period you close down. It’s unlikely they can travel anywhere, so they might be happy keeping that leave and coming in to work.

If so, you’ll get the benefits of at least a skeleton staff over the holidays, and less work to catch up on in January.

December planning is crucial for software

If you want to start the new year with a focus on business growth, December should be used for real planning. Not just thinking about it, and not just scheduling it in for January. Let’s say you’re sick of all the manual, repetitive work your staff have to do. It takes up valuable time they could be working on other things, it’s inefficient and it’s also a huge manual error risk.

Automation is one way to solve that, but don’t wait until January. Booking with a software consultant in December and get the real planning started then.

Start fresh with new software

If you happen to choose Human Pixel as your software experts, you’ll be pleased to know we’re working through the holidays. Which is why December planning is even more beneficial. You could conceivably come back from holidays in January and have a whole new system ready to go. At the very least, development will be significantly underway.

So, contact us today, get that planning started, and we’ll get working while you enjoy a break. Start the new year with the new software you need to keep growing.

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New Year, New Software

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