Panasonic Launches Lumix Pro Services Membership Website

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The Human Pixel team is excited see the launch of a project we’ve been working on for some time. More than just a website, Panasonic’s Lumix Pro Services website also serves as a membership portal for subscribers. Customers can perform a range of different tasks from one easy-to-use dashboard. Behind the scenes, the website does even more than that.

What is Lumix Pro?

Lumix Pro is a membership service offered by Panasonic, aimed at both professional and amateur photographers alike. When people purchase Panasonic Lumix photography equipment, they can now join Lumix Pro Services. Members access a range of benefits including prioritised service, fast repair turnarounds, repair loan equipment, complimentary sensor cleans and much more. Think of it as a form of roadside assistance, but for high-end cameras and photography gear.

The membership portal is completely online too, meaning that members can get the assistance they need and access all relevant information 24/7. They can even book repairs and manage Lumix equipment.

Fully customised member dashboard

You might be asking why we’re so excited about the launch of the Lumix Pro Services website. The main reason is that it’s much more than just a website. Of course, users can access all of the information they need from the sleek site that’s simple to navigate. But one of the impressive features we’ve built into this site is the fully customised member dashboard.

Customers who have purchased an eligible Lumix camera or piece of equipment can now sign up directly online. They simply enter all of the required information and have access to the member portal immediately. From this portal they can manage anything and everything to do with their membership. From booking repairs and loan equipment to testing out new equipment, it’s all done in one easy place.

More than a membership website

Our team has worked tirelessly to build out the system that fuels this great membership portal. We integrated the website into Salesforce to manage a two-way sync of member information and product details to benefit both parties. Members can always access up to date information regarding their products and warranties. On the flip side, Panasonic team members have access to the same membership information in order to provide the best customer support.

Check out the brand new site here!

If you’d like to build out a membership website that not only pleases customers but also saves time and money, talk to the Human Pixel team today.

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Panasonic Launches Lumix Pro Services Membership Website

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