PPE 4 HUMANITY Launches New Website


Human Pixel is proud to announce that PPE 4 HUMANITY’s new website has now gone live. This fantastic company is doing great things, and we’re lucky to be a part of their journey. Let’s find out a little more about PPE 4 HUMANITY, and what their new website is all about!


PPE 4 HUMANITY is all about coming together through the most challenging times. As a woman owned company focused on corporate social responsibility, PPE 4 HUMANITY is making waves across the US for all the right reasons. When COVID-19 hit, founder Mina Choe found herself in the perfect position to respond to the need for PPE. Most importantly, the goal is ensuring those most in need can access PPE at affordable prices when they need it.

Why the new website?

Founder Mina Choe was well-positioned to respond to the PPE crisis thanks to her considerable experience in sales and vast network. However, the need existed for a high-quality website.

As Mina says, “Trusted sources of PPE were increasingly hard to find and priced outrageously when they were in stock. We wanted to make PPE accessible to everyone, especially their mothers! I also wanted find a way to give back during these challenging times. Launching the website and partnering with local charities enables us to reach out and help as many people as we can.”

A multi-faceted approach

Ideally, when designing the website, it was important to capture two crucial functions. Firstly, PPE 4 HUMANITY were keen to reach a B2B audience. Namely organisations who find it difficult to maintain a healthy supply of PPE. This was achieved by building the function for business customers to log in and order the supplies they need quickly, hassle-free and at affordable prices.

Alternately, it was important for PPE 4 HUMANITY to expand their reach into the general retail market. Once upon a time, PPE was really only sought after by organisations, namely health care and medical providers. Now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PPE has become important for all members of the public. With plenty of stock and the ability to supply quickly, both of PPE 4 HUMANITY’s goals are aided by the website.

How does the new PPE 4 HUMANITY website help?

The new website has great functionality, an amazing look and feel, and makes it easy for businesses and public customers to get what they need. But the benefits run a lot deeper than just the practical. PPE 4 HUMANITY’s new website allows them to build their brand, tell their story, and promote their brand even better. It’s also helping them access new markets and ultimately help more people.

“We can’t wait to reach as many people as we can and help them Be A Nice Human and get masked up!” says founder, Mina Choe.

From the team at Human Pixel, thanks for letting us be part of your journey, and we hope PPE 4 HUMANITY goes from strength to strength.

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PPE 4 HUMANITY Launches New Website

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