Reasons an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Improves Customer Service

artificial intelligence chatbot

Deploying an artificial intelligence chatbot on your website can have a stack of benefits, for you and your customers. For you, it takes mundane enquiries away from staff who could be doing more important work. It also turns your website into a more effective sales machine. But, as we know, customers should be at the centre of everything you do. So, how exactly does an artificial intelligence chatbot improve life for your customers?

The different types of chatbot

Firstly, we should point out that there are several different types or levels of chatbot out there. Simple button-based chatbots are mostly useful for providing information. But they go all the way through to full machine learning capable bots with natural language processing. Basically, the more you invest in chatbot technology, the greater the benefits.

Every business has different requirements, but here are the main reasons a chatbot improves customer service.

24/7 customer service

If you’re running a small to medium business, employing staff for round the clock service is costly. And in reality, it’s also wasteful, when a chatbot can do most of the things your sales staff can. Certainly, a chatbot can’t really be creative or take an emotional standpoint while serving a customer. But it can perform many of the basic functions you need.

Customers don’t necessarily expect to be able to speak to a sales rep 24/7, but they do expect to be able to access information and even make purchases online. Your chatbot can give them answers to questions, and even guide them towards a sale. At any time of day or night!

An artificial intelligence chatbot improves sales conversion

Many customers who visit your website are already motivated to buy. You just need to make it easy for them. If they’ve got questions about products or return policies for example. They may want to check if you have similar or alternative products in stock. There are a number of reasons a customer might engage with a chatbot prior to making a purchase.

With a well-programmed artificial intelligence chatbot, you can provide customers with the information they need without lifting a finger. The chatbot can provide links to products, check stock availability, answer questions about delivery and much more. All the while, they’re nurturing the customer towards a sale.

Instant answers to questions

In today’s world, people want answers to questions immediately. We do it all the time. Think about how often you Google a question for a quick answer. While it’s important to have real sales staff available for certain things, most customers don’t want to speak to a person. In reality, it slows things down. You wait for the call to be answered, go through an IVR system, explain your question, and then wait for an answer.

An artificial intelligence chatbot removes unnecessary steps and provides answers instantly.

An artificial intelligence chatbot delivers consistent information

Finally, a chatbot does one thing much better than humans ever can. Deliver consistent information. How many times have you spoken to two different company reps and been given conflicting information? Chatbots always give the correct information, because they’re programmed to do so. Ultimately, this improves your customer service and limits complaints or re-work.

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Reasons an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Improves Customer Service

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