Reasons Why Sales Slip Through the Cracks

Sales are what keep a business going, so it’s frustrating to see them falling through the cracks. Here’s the scenario: You’ve increased the amount of leads you’re getting, but sales aren’t increasing. It’s disheartening, because it feels like you’re so close yet so far.

The fact is though, it takes more than just a few ads and extra leads to increase sales. Here’s some of the main reasons sales might be falling through the cracks.

Sales team doesn’t have the right tools

One of the main reasons you’re missing out on opportunities is that the sales team doesn’t have the right tools. It can be tempting to blame the sales team themselves, but often, they don’t have everything they need to be successful. One of the best ways to solve this problem is with a comprehensive CRM. Your whole sales team can see all the necessary customer information, and you can even automate a lot of sales tasks.

Lacking sales automation

Speaking of sales automation, this is a crucial step in the sales process. If you want your sales team dealing with clients and spending their time selling, don’t swamp them with admin. Salespeople generally aren’t good at paperwork, and in a lot of ways it’s a waste of their time. With a good CRM, you can automate a lot of the tasks that stop salespeople from doing what they’re good at.

Not using landing pages

If you’ve pumped some money into search engine or social media advertising, you’re hopefully getting a lot more clicks. However, it’s important where those clicks are taking your customers. If they’re just being directed to your home page, it’s not easy for customers to interact with you.

Use landing pages specifically designed for the advertising. Most importantly, include very clear call-to-actions, and make it easy for the customer to follow your intended sales journey.

Slow page load speeds

How much patience do you have when you’re browsing for goods and services online? If you’re like most of us, probably not much! Slow loading pages are a sure-fire way to get customers to hit the ‘back’ button on their browser.

You may need some help from expert web developers to fix this problem, but if you increase page load speed, you’ll retain customers for longer.

Lack of options at checkout

Have you ever loaded up an online shopping cart only to find they don’t have your preferred payment option? Or you want something urgently and there’s no express shipping options? These are common complaints among online shoppers, and it’s a good way to land yourself with an abandoned shopping cart.

As a side note, let’s go back to sales automation. If customers abandon a shopping cart, did you know that a quality CRM can automate an email to entice customers back?

Your marketing doesn’t target the right audience

Finally, it’s so important that your marketing is targeted to the right audience. Often, businesses advertise without targeting the right people. With expert help, there’s ways to do this, and it pays off big-time. Most people would agree that 1- quality leads are better than 100 irrelevant ones.

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Reasons Why Sales Slip Through the Cracks

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