RetailEdge & WordPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin

Make your life easy with the RetailEdge to WordPress WooCommerce sync!

Using RetailEdge and need a way to sync this with your online eCommerce store like WordPress and WooCommerce?

We have a solution!

We have finished our RetailEdge to WordPress / WooCommerce Integration plugin which allows you to do the following:

  1. Sync all products from RetailEdge eWeb to WordPress WooCommerce, including title, price, photos, description and stock levels
  2. Send orders from WordPress WooCommerce to Retail Edge where you can manage your stock levels
  3. Keep all data up to date without having to double-entry all information

And it’s EASY!

Step 1: Enter your details into the configuration screen

Step 2: Press the Sync Product button

Step 3: Watch as all of your products are imported smoothly and easily into the WooCommerce products section like magic


Works with any theme

We’d love to help you with your RetailEdge to WordPress WooCommerce integration. Talk to us today about your requirement


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RetailEdge & WordPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin

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