Sales Automation: Spending Money to Make Money

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One of the biggest concerns we hear from clients is that they can’t afford to invest in sales automation. It’s a valid concern, because it’s not always cheap to get great software that works for you. The problem is, if you want business growth, you usually need to spend money to make money. Combining a strong marketing strategy with software that supports your goals is the surest way to grow your business. So, why is it so important to invest in future growth?

Websites and CRMs working together

A business generally has three things at their disposal in the pursuit of sales. Firstly, there’s your sales staff. They’re the experts you need to provide great service to potential and existing clients. Secondly, your website. Websites are a crucial part of your sales funnel that can’t be ignored. As such, investing in website development is one of the better ways you can spend your money.

Third, you have your software. Whether it’s a custom software system or a CRM such as Zoho or Salesforce, software is the key to maximising sales. However, even more efficiency is gained if your website and software talk to each other effectively.

The importance of fine-tuning the customer journey

The reason your website and sales automation software should talk to each other is all about the customer journey. The customer journey is different depending on your business type, but let’s look at a tutoring company as an example.

The customer journey starts with a web search. To get noticed, you need to spend money on SEO and fine-tuning your website. Perhaps you’ll have a Google ad that takes customers to a landing page. This landing page needs to entice customers to click on a contact form to find out more.

The contact form on your website delivers information directly to your CRM, creating a workflow for your sales staff to pick up. Then, they go to work making sales. Overall, it’s a smooth customer journey, and making things easy for your customer is the key.

Give your sales team the tools they need

This website and CRM integration is also important to give your sales team the information they need to make sales. You’ve hired them to speak with clients and make sales, not get caught up in admin. So, by automating a lot of sales tasks, you let your team focus on what they do best.

Sales automation includes creating workflows, customer emails, delivery of information and even processing orders.

Sales automation expands your marketing potential

By automating sales tasks and boosting your website’s performance, you can open up a whole world of marketing potential. Firstly, a website with great SEO ranks well on Google, delivering more traffic. But when your website works well, you can also confidently spend money on PPC advertising, knowing that you’re ready to convert leads.

In addition, sales automation gathers customer information, allowing you to provide a more personalised service. Whether its building an email list for future marketing or personalising the website experienced based on certain customer metrics, sales automation is a terrific way to spend money to make more money.

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Sales Automation: Spending Money to Make Money

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