Let’s face it, Salespeople are crap at admin. Many companies spend countless hours training, coaching and retraining salespeople on administrative tasks. Sales Automation can help Salespeople to do their job faster, more efficiently and far more profitably. 


Salespeople are hired to make sales. The problem is that when you’re big enough to have a sales team, then you need a Sales Manager.

When you have a Sales Manager, then you need reporting for that Sales Manager and then you have KPIs, Sales Meetings, new processes which weren’t there when the business was smaller – when it was easier.

We all understand that when you scale, you have bumps along the way. The sales process, for many companies, becomes a bump that is really difficult to get over. It becomes an entire division, with Management, Admin Assistants (because, as I mentioned before, sales people are crap at that), Account Managers and on and on. Sales Automation is all but forgotten, as your team is swallowed whole into their daily grind.

Then things start to go wrong.

Sales people are bringing in similar numbers of sales, but they’re cutting corners in the delivery, customers aren’t happy and Account Managers are giving away free things just to maintain the status quo. Admin Assistants are pulling out their hair and you’ve gone through four Sales Managers in the last year.

It really feels like the wheels just fell off your go-kart.

You throw more and more people at the problem, but it doesn’t go away, it gets worse. 

Suddenly, your profit doesn’t look healthy, and your biggest expense AND biggest headache is coming from the Sales Division.


Great businesses are underpinned by equally great processes.

A sales automation process assists your Sales team to make sales (exactly what they’ve been hired to do), in a LEAN fashion, without all of the bloat we’ve come to expect from a Sales Division.

Our proven sales automation consulting can identify heavily manual parts of the process, and automate these areas so your sales people are efficient, customers are happy and profit is back in the black.

Cut the fat off your sales team, and talk to us about sales automation  today!

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