Salesforce Consultant Sydney: 5 Reasons to Use Salesforce for Business

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The business landscape has changed dramatically in recent times, so companies need to keep up. When it comes to marketing and customer management, successful companies are using customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Certainly one of the most popular is Salesforce. As an experienced Salesforce consultant in Sydney, we’ve highlighted some key reasons you should consider this CRM platform for your business.

Improved customer information

Firstly, Salesforce is incredible for organising your customer information. It helps your sales, and customer support teams can also create a rapport with your customers. Before and during any interaction with a customer, your team members can see their entire history. This means orders, issues and also other relevant information.

This is certainly helpful with time management too. You can solve customer issues quickly and easily, because all of the necessary data is right in front of you.

Simplify tasks with automation

A CRM like Salesforce is great for the way you manage customer interactions, but it’s also great for automation. Marketing tasks can be done automatically, also in an extremely well-targeted way. Salesforce certainly takes the guess work out of attracting leads.

Jobs like email marketing in particular, are an absolute breeze with Salesforce.


As businesses grow, so does your reliance on systems. That’s where tools like Salesforce are terrific, because your Salesforce consultant in Sydney can always help with growth. Being a cloud solution, you only pay for what you need. The platform is completely scalable depending on how many staff you have, and also which functions you intend to use.

Team collaboration made easy

This is again where Salesforce excels because of its excellent information management. There’s collaboration tools built in to Salesforce, making it easy to chat between staff. But even more impressive is the ability to create tasks and add or remove staff members as appropriate. When something needs to be addressed, you can easily bring in the right people and collaborate to get the job done.

Because all customer information is easily accessible for your team members, they’ve got everything they need at their fingertips.

Better accessibility for remote working

Like all cloud technology, one of the huge benefits is the ability for remote working. There has already been a rise in remote working over the last decade, but issues like the 2020 Coronavirus has only highlighted the need for businesses to have this capability.

With Salesforce, your team can work from anywhere, any time. From a business point of view, you can offer flexible conditions for top-end staff you want to recruit or retain.

Find a Salesforce consultant in Sydney

We’ve helped several businesses transform their operations with Salesforce. If you want the best Salesforce consultant in Sydney, contact us today. We’ll show you how to take your company to the next level.

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Salesforce Consultant Sydney: 5 Reasons to Use Salesforce for Business

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