Stripe no longer supporting Gravity Forms credit card field

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Gravity Forms has announced that their credit card field has been deprecated from the Stripe Add-On from version 3.4. If older forms are using this field, it will continue to work. However, users will no longer be able to add the field to new forms. As Stripe specialists, it’s our job to keep you informed of these changes. Read on to find out more, because this deprecation could affect you.

Why is the Gravity Forms credit card field no longer available?

Firstly, it is important to note that the Gravity Forms takes the credit card information entered and turns it into a token. This token is passed to Stripe’s servers, but it uses a script that has now been deprecated by Stripe.

As a result, website owners are responsible for safe handling and storage of sensitive payment data. Stripe discourages this practice because it is the least secure option for payment collection.

Why Stripe specialists recommend changing

Stripe specialists are now recommending that customers using the Gravity Forms credit card field look for alternatives. The previous method of data collection is not as secure as it should be, and exposes you and your business to risk. Using this method can also complicate your attempts to obtain PCI compliance. As such, both Gravity Forms and Stripe recommend migrating your solutions.

It’s important to note that this change won’t affect existing forms using the field. It is only new forms that will no longer be able to add the credit card details field. Having said that, to ensure maximum security for the collection of payment data, we certainly recommend seeking alternative solutions.

How to change your payment collection method

There are two other options for payment collection through Stripe.

  • Stripe Elements
  • Stripe Checkout

Both are fully endorsed by Stripe. Also, there are pros and cons for both. Firstly though, you need to remember that changing a payment gateway comes with risks. There can be implication on stored data and also integration with other parts of your system.

As Stripe specialists, we strongly suggest contacting us to discuss your options and also find the best solution. We have the appropriate skills and experience to manage migration and also test extensively. Don’t risk complications with Stripe payments, let the experts help you out today.

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Stripe no longer supporting Gravity Forms credit card field

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