Supercharge Your Leads Using Better SEO with Adam Winchester

Supercharge Your Leads Using Better SEO with Adam Winchester

Here at Human Pixel, we’re always delighted to share our insights. From optimising business processes to increasing conversions to improving brand visibility, we’d like to impart how digital technology can do wonders for your business. This year we’ve been honoured to take the stage twice. First was during the Sydney leg of Intrigue 2019 where our CEO Alex Kain talked about human-centred marketing. Then this time, it’s our dear CTO Adam Winchester’s turn to take the stage & share his insights. He will be front & centre on 12 December at Motive Coworking Warriewood’s event called How to supercharge your leads with better SEO

As the event’s title suggests, he will be talking about SEO & its impact on lead generation & conversion. Particularly, he will discuss how to create better SEO practices that not only generate leads but also leads that convert. In a nutshell, here’s what you can take away from his talk.

  • Finding piping-hot keywords that will resonate with your ideal customers;
  • Writing content that will skyrocket your Google ranking;
  • Working with images ALT-tags;
  • Achieving optimum keyword density in your content; and
  • Differentiating buying keywords versus researching keywords along with its advantages.

Taking from his experience of more than 20 years, Adam will share how you can make the most out of your efforts and marketing dollars online, and how you can supercharge your business in the new year!

SEO 101

In case the term ‘SEO’ is new to your ears, here’s a quick background. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It deals with optimising your website to rank higher in search engines like Google which helps you achieve higher web traffic. Two ways to achieve this are through content optimisation and internal & external linking. Thus, SEO plays a critical part in improving your brand’s online visibility and, in turn, getting leads. When you implement SEO best practices, it helps you achieve your targets. 

Who can attend?

Anyone with a business in mind! Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your existing business or want to start one on the right foot, you’re welcome. Creating & utilising SEO best practices deliver results for any business of any size in any industry. All it takes is knowledge & dedication. Through this event, Adam we’ll take care of the knowledge part & we know you’ve got the dedication in the bag. Still, if you want to ensure effective marketing for your business, we can help you through our digital marketing services.

An event for the mind…and the tummy

Learning ways to improve your business or start a new one on the right foot can make you hungry. That’s why Motive Coworking Warriewood made sure that this event not only feeds your mind but your tummy as well. Each ticket purchased comes with a B&E Roll and coffee.

How to buy tickets?

Speaking of tickets, simply visit the official Facebook or Eventbrite event page to buy tickets. With Adam’s extensive knowledge of the digital industry, we can’t wait for you to hear his insights! We’re confident you’ll be leaving the venue supercharged with knowledge & ready to improve your business. See you there!

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Supercharge Your Leads Using Better SEO with Adam Winchester

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