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Sometimes things go wrong with technology! If it is something built by us, then we can help.

Generally, requests for support fall into one of several categories:

  • Software Bugs
  • Environmental Problems
  • New Feature Requests

Software Bugs

If you discover a bug in any software we have built and it turns out to be a genuine flaw in our code then we will fix it free of charge within the Warranty period.

If, however, the code is found to be different than that written by Human Pixel, whether altered by an employee or agent of yours which has caused the issue, then additional charges will apply.

Environmental Problems

If your website/application is hosted on our server and the problem is related to our hosting service, then we will fix the problem free of charge whilst it is hosted with us.

If your website/application is hosted elsewhere and you have requested us to troubleshoot the problem and the issue is related to the hosting environment or other factors outside of our code, then the time to diagnose and repair (if applicable) is chargeable.

New Feature Requests

If your request for support is a new feature or modification to an existing feature not included in an original project build then a quote will be provided for the development of this.

By submitting a support request to us, you unequivocally accept the above terms and conditions.